Asian studies in Lithuania
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The Colors and Flavors of Japan

Authors: Zykas, Aurelijus
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Aukso Pieva

Aurelijus Zykas in his book ‘The colors and flavors of Japan’ introduces the reader with this distant country. The author, basing the narrative on his own personal experience, tells the reader about his life in Japan, spent living in two very different cities – Tokyo and Kanazawa. The book is split in two parts – the first part tells mostly about the years spent studying in Kanazawa. The second part concentrates on the life in Tokyo, while studying in Waseda University and working in the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Tokyo few years later. This books is a perfect choice for anybody who is interested in Japan and its culture. More

Letters from Kabul

Authors: Digrytė, Eglė
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Tyto alba

The author in her book tells an interesting story about how to survive in war’s zone, how to remain alive. She tries to show the real Afghanistan, to deny some myths, to tell more about culture and traditions that are essentially different from Lithuanian. Egle Digryte openly talks about women’s position in Afghanistan and attitudes towards foreign, warn about dangerous in Afghanistan.

Also, necessary to mention that you could find a lot of colourful illustrations in the book that shows country’s life. More

Exclusive journeys: China, Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal

Authors: Rute, Ieva
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Aukso pieva

Ievos Rutes book can be considered as responsible travelling and astonishing travelling routes guide. As it can be guessed from the name of the book author talks about sightseeing in China, Tibet, Mianmar and Nepal. As we all know these exotic countries have a lot to offer in many different aspects such as culture, architecture, art. As author herself says: “I never go on a trip without my camera equipment” and that is why this book attracts even more attention with all the amazing photographies it has from the smallest temples to worlds highest mountains. That is why after reading this book the desire to travel is over the top. More

To Bangkok in 40 Days

Authors: Paukštys, Saulius
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Tyto alba

“Į Bankoką per 40 dienų”, the book written by Photo-artist Saulius Paukštys, describes a breathtaking story and memories. The journey was organized in order to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the fearless Transatlantic flight of two legendary Lithuanian pilots – Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. During the trek lasting for almost two months, the distance exceeding fourteen thousand kilometers was covered by two motorcyclists accompanied by their two friends driving cars. A variety of roads and paths, from coasting on asphalt roads to adventures off the beaten track, nearly everything was tried out on their way to Thailand crossing Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Laos. More

Kerintis Iranas (An Enchanting Iran)

Authors: (Lietuvių) Matulionytė, Rita
Published on: 2013
Publisher: Aukso pieva

Doctor of law, Rita Matulionytė in her book “An Enchanting Iran” shares her experiences in this mysterious country. The author introduces readers to the wonderful Iranian nature, culture, and their everyday life. The book is not only full of interesting stories, but also information that is helpful for traveling to the enchanting Iran. The book also gives readers a chance to get acquainted with the history of Iran, moreover to look at the cultural features. The book breaks long established stereotypes about this faraway country. This book is for those who don‘t know much about the country, but wants to learn more. The book is also full of colorful illustrations that convey a part of the country’s beauty. More

Operacijoje „Irako laisvė”

Authors: Maliauskas, Sigitas
Published on: 2013
Publisher: Vox altera

“Operacijoje “Irako laisvė” is a book about first Lithuanian soldiers mission in Iraq in 2003. Just by having a quick glance at this book you might think that this is another book about war, but actually, you will find much more.  Every chapter starts with quote from by far famous book about war „The art of war“. These short fragments of brilliant Sun Dzu book makes text very sublime. Sergeant writes about communication between solders, psychological support for each other, … More

Fishes and Dragons

Authors: Radzevičiūtė, Undinė
Published on: 2013
Publisher: Baltos lankos

The “Fishes and Dragons“ book is different from the traditional Lithuanian literature tradition. It is like different category, in which intellectual challenge is combined with refined and not refined humor, and characters talks as they were fighting with a swards. According to Saulius Repečka – redactor of “Baltos Lankos” publishing house, this book is for reader, who can separate event of literature from the literature bubble. The name of the book “Fishes and Dragons” symbolizes Christianity, symbol of Christ – fish, and the power of imperator of China – dragon. Therefore conjunction of these two different worlds. More

Asia without borders

Authors: Mačiulevičius, Paulius, Tilmantaitė, Berta, Jančiauskas, Andrius
Published on: (Lietuvių) 2013
Publisher: (Lietuvių) Obuolys

Pack your rucksack, quit your job, leave your family and friends for who knows how long and buy one way ticket to a place, you have never been to. Sounds hard isn‘t it? However, three travelers from Lithuania: journalist Paulius Mačiulevičius, photographer Berta Tilmantaitė and psychologist Andrius Jančiauskas proves that there are no limits and everything is possible. Three authors’ book “Asia without borders” retold seven month long trip through ten Asian countries. With the idea “The globe is friendly” travelers decide to meet such a chaotic and in the same time very colourful Asian culture. More

Mode et stéréotypes interculturels-Le cas des articles consacrés aux couturiers japonais dans Le Figaro et Libération

Authors: Kyoko Koma
Published on: 2012

This book "Fashion and intercultural stereotypes. The case of the articles on Japanese couturiers in Le Figaro and Libération" presents how French newspapers represent Japanese fashion designers who create “Japanese phenomenon” in Prêt-a-porter of Paris in 1980s and their works, through the discourse analysis of French School. The author analyses how two French representative national newspapers Le Figaro and Libération, which are oppositely politicized, represent the Japanese fashion creators and their works, by means of stereotypes on Japan classified by French linguist Jean-Paul Honoré into 8 points: puissance, order, mystery, refinement, rigueur, pragmatism, past and modernity. More

East Asian Studies in Lithuania

Published on: 2012
Publisher: Vytautas Magnus University

The volume presents a collection of articles and materials from international symposium “Japanology within Asian Studies in Lithuania: Historical Perspective and Present Situation” held on 3-4th of November in 2011 on the occasion of the 10th aniversary of Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Asian Studies. The articles of this volume present the development of East Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) studies in Lithuania, with a special emphasis paid to Japanese studies. Sponsored by Japan Foundation

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU