Asian studies in Lithuania
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The Philippines. The Magic of Ring of Fire (Filipinai. Ugnies žiedo kerai)

Authors: Kinderis, Dainius
Published on: 2011
Publisher: Metodika

The book about one of the Southeast Asia‘s country the Philippines author starts with words: “Is it possible to love a foreign country? The one which is thousands of miles, hundreds of cultures, tens of hours by plane away. The one which is located after many timelines, mountain ranges, infinite oceans.”  This book is a travel diary of Dainius Kinderis, in which he talks about the Philippines as a country which changed him as a traveler. He spent hundreds of days in the Philippines and as the result he introduces the readers to the country\’s history, speaks about the relations between Lithuania and the Philippines and the human beings who played important roles in creating them. Author mentions a dangerous trip in the ferry, during which he visited the abode of the separatists and Badjao sea tribe. Maintaining the theme of danger, the author talks about the risky trip to the highest peak – Mount Apo. More

Tuk tuk Indija

Authors: Starkus, Martynas
Published on: 2010
Publisher: Tyto alba

Second book, written by journalist and traveler Martynas Starkus, is “Tuk tuk India“ and written in travel blog form. Author is famous not only because of his works in Lithuanian media, but mostly by travelling extreme travels and making TV shows about it. Moreover, Martynas Starkus is very talented writter and his blog posts in internet were really well-known and interesting to read. Mostly because of it he desided to write books according to his emotions and memories about the trips.


Dotted line in the margins of road: a journey to Iran 2009 Summer

Authors: Abramavičius, Marius
Published on: 2010
Publisher: Versus Aureus

M. Abramavičius is a famous Lithuanian photographer, artist, writer and traveler. He has visited a lot of countries and written some books about his travels. One of them – “Dotted line in the margins of road: a journey to Iran 2009 Summer“. This book is like a diary of that journey,  which gives you a chance to forget all stereotypes and see the country Iran in a different way.

M. Abramavičius with his friend went to Iran via Georgia, Turkey, its border with Armenia and came back via Azerbaijan. They moved away from their comfortable homes, they left their families and friends. They met an unfamiliar culture and saw different landscape and faced some strange rules. This book picturesquely tells about Iran‘s history, traditions, lifestyle and daily routine. Also it reveals that Iranians are very friendly and hospitable people and this country is not deserved to be called The World Axis of Evil. More

Happy Fish. The most important allegories of Zhuangzi and their commentaries

Authors: Budriūnaitė, Agnė, Vrubliauskaitė, Aušra
Published on: 2010
Publisher: Vytautas Magnus University Press

In this book we are presented with one of the most influential texts of Dao – “Zhuangzi” it’s most important allegories and their commentaries. Authors, Budriūnaitė Agnė and Vrubliauskaitė Aušra seek to introduce readers to Zhuangzi which is a text that helps one to seek understanding in Dao, while still being an actuality to the day. Book has twelve chapters, each presenting us with many different allegories and their commentaries of many differing sources.


Silk Road, or 10 000 kilometers with \”Pagieža\”

Authors: Starkus, Martynas
Published on: 2009
Publisher: Tyto Alba

“Silk road, or 10 000 kilometers with “Pagieža” is the first book by Martynas Starkus. It is a book about his trip’s recollections, though at first he was not planning on writing it. Everything started as simple notes during the trip down the Silk Road but over time Martynas started writing his experiences on the internet. Finally, with a push from his friends he brought himself to write the book. Author admits being lazy about the book and writing it but now that it has been released he rejoices and thanks his friends for the push.


From Baltics to Bengal: In the Shade of India’s Palms

Authors: Poška, Antanas
Published on: 2009
Publisher: Vilko takas

In this second to last book from Antanas Poška in the series “From the Baltic to the Bengal”, we can get to know India and its culture as it was back then , that’s exactly why this part is called “In the shade of India’s palms”.


At the Baltic Sea, at the Sea of Japan

Authors: Kapustinskas, Povilas
Published on: 2009
Publisher: Versus aureus

The book takes us to a nearly but still memorable especially among elders times when we were still in the Soviet Union. The writer analyzes 1950-1962 years. Thus, the author tells us his twelve years journey that distacting him from Lithuania to the Far East.

“Prie Baltijos ir Japonijos jūrų“ – it is an autobiographical book. Most parts of the story author devotes to describe his geological works. After his history-philology studies, he realised that nature is more attractive to his beliefs. Together with the author we are exploring various towns and villages of Lithuania. But being more adventurous he dares to take us through the great cities of the Soviet Union. After reaching Chinese walls, in Western Sajan, in Dzugdzur and other places he also describes his geological excavations. More

Wind from the East

Authors: Paulius, Adolfas
Published on: 2009
Publisher: Danieliaus leidykla

“Wind From The East” is a book with a unique content. This is the very first original literature work done by a Lithuanian author, where the story-line is about one Lithuanian student’s adventures and impressions in the Far East – Xian, China. The author of the book didn’t have a chance to travel to China himself, however, just like he said in one of his interviews, “The main character of the book went there instead of me.”

Xian is the main place where all the action took place. The young Lithuanian came here to visit his childhood friend Pei Sin. Here, in Xian, Pei Sin introduces the Lithuanian to his friends, historians, philosophers and students from other countries, but most importantly he introduces him to a completely new culture. By using all kinds of traditional Chinese legends, history fact and so on, the author introduces the reader with a 5000 year old image of the mysterious China. The new friends reveal lots of different myths, legends (for example the legends about the foxes and the sky fairies), traditional customs. They introduce their friend from abroad with the old culture of China, reveal some of the traditional Chinese celebrations. Even though the main action of the book is during the 21st century, the younger generations of China are still embracing all the traditions and wants their new friend to know as much about them too.

However, here we can see another important topic of the book suddenly appear. It is globalization. China is not as closed as it used to be. More and more people are getting interested in the country, we can see more and more travelers choosing China as their destination. To add, the western impact is getting more and more noticeable. That is why there is a lot of comparison between the Western cultures and China. The main character also enthusiastically shares some legends and stories about his home country Lithuania.

Lastly, for the reader to get to know China’s culture even better, at the very ending of the book the author gives away some of the traditional Chinese gymnastic exercises, old traditional recopies and even a list of Lithuanian – Chinese phrases and some of the most important phone numbers in case the reader would decide to go to the enchanting China. This kind of content when the the book is written is almost a diary form and all the recopies, exercises added to one place makes it even easier for the reader to see the image of China that the author wants to show us. More

Dancing Sushi or Gaijin Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

Authors: Rasa, Žalynaitė
Published on: 2008
Publisher: Kronta

The teacher Rasa Zalynaite never in her entire life dreamed about going to Japan, but she says: “The irony of fortune: all my “never to do things” became the main things I did in my life”. After a long time of hesitates and her friend advices she participate in a competition where the price was the opportunity to study in Japan. Only after announcement that she won the competition she realised her life will go into the melting-pot, but she didn’t want to refuse this opportunity. Even … More

Asia, open up

Authors: Siniuvienė, Aušra, Mozurienė, Vilija
Published on: 2007
Publisher: Kronta

This comic book ,,Asia, open up\”, which is written by Vilija Mozurienė and Aušra Siniuvienė, provides excellent opportunities for readers to dive into the spectacular and scenic trips in 47 Asian countries. The book consists of funny, various comics, which allows to get acquainted with Asia slightly differently: there is no single text or certain information in this book – everything is presented playfully, with a lot of images. Each country in this book including Azerbaijan, … More

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