Asian studies in Lithuania


Club of Oriental Studies

Established at: 2017
Canceled: No

The Orientalist Club, founded in 2017 in Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium. The mission of the club is to help expand worldwide. In pursuit of its goal, the club cooperates with the VMU Asian Studies Center. The activities of the Orientalist Club include the organization of language training, getting to know foreign cultures, film reviews; search for links between Asian and Lithuanian cultures and history; volunteering at events or events in the city; to initiate cooperation initiatives between schools in the field of education and global citizenship, and to establish a Japanese garden in the inner courtyard of the Gymnasium and to establish an oriental space.

Centre for Asian Studies

Established at: 2009
Canceled: No

The Centre for Asian Studies is one of the research centres of the University constructed on the basis of multidisciplinary regional knowledge. Therefore, the Centre’s main object is Asia, from the perspectives of humanities and social sciences, with the emphasis on the modern trends of Asian politics, economy, society and culture. Presently we are concentrated on East Asia region (Japan, Korea and China), but there are plans to expand our interests to Southwest, Central, South and Southeast Asia regions in the future. More

King Sejong Institute (MRU)

Established at: 2014
Canceled: No

King Sejong Institute opened in October 10, 2014 in Mykolas Romeris University is the first King Sejong Institute opened in the Baltic States and Northern Europe. The mission of this institute is to spread Korean culture, language and history, and to strengthen economic ties between Lithuania and Korea.

Asian Centre (MRU)

Established at: 2013
Canceled: No

The objective of Asian Centre is to contribute to internationalization of the Mykolas Riomeris University, to promote mutual understanding between Asia and Europe, through the exchange of intellectual, cultural and human resources and to internationally promote the name of the University.

The MRU Asian Centre seeks to initiate cooperation with studies and cultural institutions in South Korea, Japan, China and other Asian region states. More

Centre of Oriental Studies (VU)

Established at: 1993
Canceled: No

The Centre of Oriental Studies is the main institution in Lithuania a branch of Vilnius University preparing the specialist in the field of Asia and Middle East and unifying researchers of East. The main objective of the Centre is to prepare specialists in Asia who are needed for science, culture and business and to form an adequate understanding of Eastern cultures in Lithuania, initiate the dialogue between East and West.

The Centre conducts intensive scientific work, employs six research groups, publishes the periodical scientific magazine More

Confucius Institute at Vilnius University

Established at: 2010
Canceled: No

By the initiative of Vilnius University and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China the Confucius institute at Vilnius University was established on November 26 2010. It is the first and the largest center for Chinese language and culture in Lithuania. The Institute organizes Chinese language and culture courses and academic and cultural events.

Following its traditions in autumn each year, Confucius Institute holds the Chinese
Culture during which Chinese teachers and masters come to the institute to present Chinese culture. More

Japanese Culture Home

Established at: 2013
Canceled: No

The Japanese Culture Home opened its doors in October, 2013, however the start of its activities was 1997 when the artist Dalia Dokšaitė founded the art studio “Tušo Kelias” (Engl. “Ink Road”). Since the foundation of the studio 7 exhibitions has been organized in various cities of Lithuania, 7 plenaries and international seminars and presentations have been held. The Japanese Culture House in the form of public lectures, classes, events, camps and with other various activities dedicated to the Far East aims to awaken and nurture national identity, tolerance towards the cultures of other nations, promoting the self-expression, initiative, creativity and mutual cooperation.

Japan Agency “Yukari”

Established at: (Lietuvių) 2010
Canceled: No

The Japanese agency “Yukari” is a project designed to promote cooperation between Lithuania and Japan in the fields of culture and business. An interesting and rich Japanese culture can really diversify the active cultural life of Lithuania. The knowledge of Japanese traditions is also very important and useful in establishing strong and profitable relationships with Japanese businessman.

“Yukari” areas of activity:
Education More

Taiwan Centre

Established at: (Lietuvių) 2013
Canceled: No

Taiwan Centre, established on 2013, March, is an organization associated with the Centre for Asian Studies at Vytautas Magnus University which carries out academic and cultural educational activities.
The main aims of the Centre:
To promote knowledge on Taiwanese culture and society in Lithuania through academic, educational and cultural events, like conferences, symposiums, public lectures, summer schools, exhibitions, concerts, etc. More

Department of Culture Studies and Ethnology

Established at: 1990 (as the Department of Antropology); 1993 (as the Departmenr of Ethnology and Folk Studies); 2012 (renamed)
Canceled: No

Department of Culture Studies and Ethnology is one of the first departments of Vytautas Magnus University, founded by prof. Norbert Vėliaus. The department is the only one in Lithuania that prepare a three-tier ethnologists: bachelors, masters and doctors.

September 1, 2012 Department of Ethnology and Folklore has changed its name and became the Department of Cultural Studies and Ethnology. More

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