Asian studies in Lithuania

Established at: (Lietuvių) 2010
Address: (Lietuvių) V.Mykolaičio-Putino g. 5, Vilnius
Languages lectured: (Lietuvių) Japonų, kinų, korėjiečių kalbos
Canceled: No

(Lietuvių) Nuo 2010 m. iki dabar: (Lietuvių) Gabija Kaunelienė

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The Japanese agency “Yukari” is a project designed to promote cooperation between Lithuania and Japan in the fields of culture and business. An interesting and rich Japanese culture can really diversify the active cultural life of Lithuania. The knowledge of Japanese traditions is also very important and useful in establishing strong and profitable relationships with Japanese businessman.

“Yukari” areas of activity:
Our educational projects are developed in order to promote comprehensive knowledge about Japan, China and Korea as well as to disseminate the languages of these countries in Lithuania. We organize Japanese, Chinese and Korean courses. In the children’s school “Totoriukai” our little ones – 5-10 year old kids are being taught Japanese language. In addition, we offer free educational programs to Lithuanian schools.

Our cultural projects are dedicated to the dissemination of Japanese culture, traditional arts and crafts in Lithuania. We cooperate with representatives of many traditional Japanese cultural areas in Lithuania and we are happy to have the opportunity to diversify your family, friends or employees holidays or meetings. Traditional Japanese cultural nights can be held for both a small circle of people and a large audience.

Little by little Lithuanian businessman are taking a look at the guest and distant countries in pursuit of opportunities to expand their markets. Meanwhile, Japan has a lot of potential for business partnerships. Although the Japanese market is described as one of the most complex and entertaining markets in the world, it is not completely inaccessible. We are convinced that the assistance of our professional Japanologists in this process is absolutely necessary, therefore we are ready to help Lithuanian companies to establish mutually beneficial and profitable business relations with Japanese companies.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU