Asian studies in Lithuania


The administration, creation and development of the website Azijos studijos Lietuvoje are based on volunteer activities. It is expected, that the Asian studies specialists and everybody interested in Asian studies in Lithuania will contribute for this website.

Posibilities of contribution

Everybody can contribute to this website by creating a record. You can introduce:

  • personality (researcher, educator, translator), working in the field of Asian studies in Lithuania or of Lithuanian origin;
  • book related to Asian studies written in Lithuanian or published in Lithuania;
  • academic, educational or cultural event in Lithuania related to Asian countries;
  • academic periodical, published in Lithuania and related to Asian studies;
  • studies program related to Asian studies, conducted by Lithuanian academic institution;
  • institution, which conducts the education of Asian languages or cultures in Lithuania;
  • library funds related to Asian Studies in Lithuania;
  • Asian art collections in Lithuania;

Levels of contribution

Everybody is absolutely free to contribute a record for this website. If you are contributing for the first time, simply choose the type of the record and fill in the form. For safety reasons, your record will be checked by the administrations or/and the scientific comitee of this website. If the contents of the record fulfils the regulations, your record will be uploaded after some time.

After successful uploading of two records, you will get the password to your e-mail, and you will be promoted to the contributor of this website. Contributors have possibility to edit their records, to comment on other’s records; to upload the .pdf documents and links (book reviews, articles).

The especially active contributors will be promoted to editors. The editors have possibility to upload the records without special check by the administrator. They also can edit other’s records.

This website is in its initial phase of activities. We are sorry, if not all the functions are working in proper way, and we appreciate your patience.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU