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Tiger is Not a Cat

Authors: Kulvelis - Šimkevičiūtė, Eglė
Published on: 2019
Publisher: Balto

In her debut book ’’Tiger is Not a Cat’’, theater director Eglė Šimkevičiūtė – Kulvelis shares her acquaintance with Vietnam and Thailand. The author and her husband, who first traveled to Southeast Asia almost a decade ago, had been hoping for this adventure to last for one year. However, a travel-infected couple who have explored the region in its entirety and are currently living in New Zealand are planning their next adventure. More

How does Japan work?

Authors: Kleiva, Andrius
Published on: 2018
Publisher: Tyto Alba

“I will see what can I do for Japan and what Japan can do for me. This book is the result of that project.” with these words, the author presents the idea of this book. Because of such words reader is able to understand that this book will certainly not be a dry academic textbook or information guide, how to survive in Japan. A. Kleiva describes this book as an entirety of his personal experiences, thoughts, and stories he was able to collect during his life in Japan. More

Kuksando. Road Book

Authors: Kumža, Algirdas
Published on: 2018
Publisher: Alma Littera

Kuksando is a thousand years old Korean education system of body and spirit. It is a Korean wisdom school which helps people to discover the harmony of their emotions, body, and mind, recover youthful energy and overcome stress. Due to meditation, physical movements, specific breathing techniques human beings can become persevering and strong both physically and spiritually. More

Red and Green Taiwan

Authors: Zykas, Aurelijus
Published on: 2018
Publisher: Aukso Pieva

“Red and Green Taiwan” is yet another carefully crafted and endearing travel book after “The Colors and Flavors of Japan”, both written by Aurelijus Zykas. The first thing that catches the reader’s eye is the book cover – a picture of a stunningly beautiful Taiwanese temple. The first few pages greets the reader with breathtaking picturesque visuals of the local nature, accompanied by a few quotes from Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi whose ideas and thoughts can be found scattered throughout the book in an intermezzo style in-between the author’s journey through Taiwan. More

Morocco: On Both Sides of the Atlas

Authors: Domkuvienė, Violeta
Published on: 2018
Publisher: Didakta

Chemist Violeta Domkuvienė for those interested in literature about exotic lands is better known as tireless traveler. In the highly acclaimed books ’’Madagascar: Mora Mora through the Land of Wonders’’ and ’’Vietnam. Singapore. Bali Island: The magical Southeast Asia’’ author shares delicious flavors and smells, unusual traditions, natural beauty and other experiences while traveling abroad. This time, in her latest book, Ms. Violet shares impressions from Morocco. More

Israel and its People: One Country, Many Faces

Authors: Juonytė, Živilė
Published on: 2017
Publisher: Aukso pieva

The book is divided into two parts and the second one is designed to tell the people of Israel, the nationalities of the people who live in the country, and each one is special and describes the distinctions. The author also talks about the army in Israel, and who is choosing a permanent military service, it is still talking about minority populations living in the country. The book will capture the attention of everyone who wants to learn about the state, not only the facts, but also to More

Kuran about… belief and peoples relationship

Authors: Račius, Egdūnas
Published on: 2017
Publisher: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos centras

This book gives a detailed  description of the sections of Kuran, which billions of people in the world are currently interested in. Among them are Lithuanians, who have been becoming more and more relevant to the topic due to migration and other demographic processes. The book is intended for understanding the purpose, structure and language of Kuran. The content of the book is based on two spheres – the field of faith and rituals, and the field of social issues. The More

Palestine: Freedom is Very Beautiful

Authors: Steikūnaitė, Giedrė
Published on: 2017
Publisher: Alma litera

Giedrė Steikūnaitė is a journalist writing about cultural and social aspects of human experience both in English and Lithuanian languages. In Lithuania she co-operates with journals “Moteris”, IQ. Inteligent Life”, news portal “” and other. She was born and raised in the capital of Lithuania. She studied journalism and contemporary history in London University. Author traveled a lot, during which she prepared reportages from Asia, Latin America and Europe. During two- More

Lead by Soft Power: Communication of Country’s Image and Japan

Authors: Zykas, Aurelijus
Published on: 2017
Publisher: Vitae litera

It seems that Nietzsche was right saying that “All things are enlinked, enlaced and enamoured”. Dr. Aurelijus Zykas, the professor of Vytautas Magnus University and the head of the Centre for Asian Studies during the Vilnius Book Fair 2018 introduced his new monograph Lead by Soft Power: Communication of Country’s Image and Japan. Precisely in this, his already second published book, A. Zykas, while using his own and referring to works and researches of other sociologists, More

Traditional Aesthetics and Art Theory of East Asia

Authors: Andrijauskas, Antanas
Published on: 2017
Publisher: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas

The author’s Antanas Andrijauskas 40 years long career is very colorful and diverse. A philosopher, civilization theoretician, specialist of cultures and arts, has written hundreds of scientific papers on Lithuanian, Israeli and East Asian cultures. However, in his works, professor mostly focuses on the latter. In trilogy’s ’’History of Aesthetics and Art Philosophy Ideas: East – West’’ second book ’’Traditional Aesthetics and Art Theory of East Asia’’, author overviews China’s and Japan’s traditional art development and analyzes its aesthetical features. More

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