Asian studies in Lithuania


Unfinished dissertations

Similarities and Differences in Perception of Terrorism: Case Study of Lithuania and Saudi Arabia

Author: Gintarė Sereikaitė

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Contemporary Iranian Ta’arof and Cultural Identity in Sociocultural Interaction: Case study of Teheran

Author: Dalia Sabaliauskienė

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Prom Classical Period to Neo-shu‘ubiya Movements: Construction of Identities in Middle East

Author: Šarūnas Rinkevičius

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Ritual Practices of Ancestors Worship in Ethnic Chinese Hakka Communities

Author: Balys Astrauskas
Phd location: Vilnius University

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Finished dissertations

Development and Forms of Far-Right in Japan: the Case of Action Conservative Movement

Author: Arvydas Kumpis
Institute: Klaipėda University
Year of assertion: 2020

This dissertation examines the expression of Japanese far-right groups in the Internet space, which has not been studied in Lithuania previously. From the beginning of 21st century the intensification of internet use and the deteriorating attitude towards Korea and Koreans in Japan have led to a rapid increase in incitement to hatred and hate speech. Makoto Sakurai, a conservative activist, mobilized anonymous hate activists on the Internet to form the first organization of its kind in Japan, called Zaitokukai (short for “Civic Society that Disagrees with Special Privileges for Zainichi Koreans) and other pro-civic movements. The thesis investigated how the formation and development of far More

Assessing Iranian Foreign Policy Through the Perspective of Khumayni’s Concept of Justice

Author: Ieva Koreivaitė-Sadauskienė
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: 2016

The research objective of the dissertation is to complete the analysis on the first Iran’s Supreme Leader’s ayatollah Khumayni’s concept of justice and, consequently, to create an analytical perspective, which would serve for the further Iranian foreign policy analysis. Research revealed that the complex logics of Khumayni’s political thought and his concept of justice can be traced as an integral or unsolid narrative in today’s Iranian foreign policy. Respectively, every case of Iranian politics can be explained through the discourse of Khumayni’s justice. The analysis of Khumayni’s concept of justice is performed combining methodological guidelines of adherents of the Cambridge School of Political Thought J. G. A. Pocock and Q. Skinner. More

Dalit Student Movement in India: from Identity Politics to Counter Culture Movement

Author: Kristina Garalytė
Institute: Vytautas Magnus University
Year of assertion: (Lietuvių) 2016

This dissertation investigates the burgeoning yet largely underexplored phenomenon of the Dalit, so-called ex-untouchable, student movement in India and its ideological and participatory complexity. The study is based on two stages of anthropological ethnographic fieldwork at the New Delhi and Hyderabad universities that witnessed intensified Dalit student mobilization in recent years. Following the ideas of the “framing” theory (Snow et al., 1986; Snow & Benford, 1988; Snow & Benford, 1992; Benford & Snow, 2000) the author have been tracing the ways the Dalit student mobilization is underwritten by “framing” and “frame alignment” processes – how the movement ideologically frames the worldview of its participants; on what resource base the Dalit student movement builds its ideological worldview and repertoire of contention; More

The Clash Between China’s and Russia’s Interests of Regional Hegemony in the 21 st Century

Author: Konstantinas Andrijauskas
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: 2014

The research objective of this dissertation is to assess the impact that a regional level of foreign policy has on Sino-Russian relations in the 21st century, by successively determining: (1) whether the relations are characterized by power asymmetry at a regional level; and, if yes, then (2) what the main features of that regional-level power asymmetry are; and (3) what influence it has on both actors’ positions in their traditional spheres of influence and on the strategic partnership between them. Based on the regional approach of international relations, the dissertation presents an innovative theoretical model of regional-level power asymmetry along with its three component methodological tools. More

Contemporary philosophical controversy on the nature of early Confucian ethics

Author: Vytis Silius
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: (Lietuvių) 2014

The dissertation deals with the controversy between two contemporary Western philosophical interpretations of early Confucian ethics: Confucian virtue ethics and Confucian role ethics. The dissertation not only discusses the different presentations of what constitutes the core characteristics of early Confucian ethics, but also critically reconstructs and analysis the changing Western reception of early Confucian ethics. The two interpretations are compared in order to critically assess the ongoing controversy and to evaluate the prospects of the newly suggested alternative reading of early Confucian ethics as Confucian role ethics. More

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