Asian studies in Lithuania
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The Night Tiger

Authors: Yangsze Choo
Translated by: Kupčinskienė, Irena
Translated from: English
Published on: 2021

“The Night Tiger” is a work of historical fiction, which is full of elements of fantasy and magic, a story shrouded in mystery and intrigue, which tells about trustworthiness, righteousness, wisdom, benevolence and propriety. These five virtues of Confucianism intertwine with the destinies of the people and cause considerable confusion in the quiet lives of the book characters.

The clever and enchanting protagonist Ji Lin works as a tailor because in the 1930s in colonial Malaysia women did not have much chance of reaching great career heights. The young girl has a secret – she works in the dance hall in the More

Ghost Bride

Authors: Yangsze Choo
Translated by: Yangsze Choo
Translated from: English
Published on: 2020

“Ghost bride” is a fiction piece full of adventures, mystery as well as unexpected turns of events. The author of the book Yangsze Choo not only tells an intriguing story, but reveals details about Chinese folklore, traditions and local religions as well.

The action takes place in the end of 19th century, British Malaya (currently a territory of Malaysia). The main character Li Lan is a young girl from respectful but impoverished household. Li Lan has lost her mother when she was a child, thus she More

The housekeeper and the professor

Authors: Ogawa, Yoko
Translated by: Enciūtė, Gabija
Translated from: Japanese
Published on: 2020

“The housekeeper and the professor” is a Japanese author‘s Yoko Ogawa book about friendship which could be seen as impossible from a first glance. This story draws the reader in with its heart-warming storyline, lovable characters and uncomplicated, but interesting storyline. Also, it reveals the beauty and magic of the science of mathematics.

The novel tells a story about a housekeeper, her ten-year old son and a professor who used to be a math professor. The housekeeper has received an offer to work at the professor‘s house. When she was hired, the agency of housekeepers noted her that this client is different from others. The nine housekeepers that used to work there have More

The Only Child

Authors: Seo, Mi-Ae
Translated by: Šiaučiūnas-Kačinskas, Martynas
Translated from: Korean
Published on: 2020

Author‘s Seo Mi-Ae thriller “The only child” tells a story full of tension, which makes readers rethink if they really know the people surrounding them as well as they thought.

The main character Seonkyeong is a specialist of criminal psychology. This woman runs into the most dangerous criminals of South Korea on a daily basis and tries to investigate what causes the changes in criminals’ mind that they commit such cold-blooded crimes. Seonkyeong‘s profession could be viewed as intriguing and fascinating from the first sight. Seonkyeong‘s students at university are also fascinated by their teacher‘s profession. They even call her More


Authors: Zhang, Lijia
Translated by: Uzėlaitė, Viktorija
Translated from: English
Published on: 2020

“Lotus” is a novel telling a story about a prostitute in China. It is a book that shows the various aspects of modern China – traditions and the modern present, strict social norms and regulations, but at the same time reveals the dark side – prostitution and human trafficking, the reality of hard work in factories and poverty in the provinces. Meanwhile, at the center of it all stands a girl who, like many other girls out there, is experiencing the horrors of the dark side.

After her mother dies, the heroine of the book starts taking care of her little brother and moves from a small village to live in China’s “city of sins” Shenzhen. Here she hopes not only to provide money for her brother’s studies, but also to More

The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Authors: Cho, Charlotte
Translated by: Bezginaitė, Laima
Translated from: English
Published on: 2020

This book is an introduction to the Korean beauty industry and the Korean way of life by an American Korean entrepreneur, blogger and founder of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho. It is a book that encourages you to love yourself and see skincare as an important part of daily life, not vanity.

In this book the author reveals the importance of skincare and a proper lifestyle in South Korean society, where the cult of beauty is extremely high. She explains in detail about the Korean beauty habits, explains things like the double cleansing method and why it is so crucial, as well as giving the details about the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine and its effectiveness. More

The Art of Simple Living: 100 Daily Practices from a Japanese Zen Monk for a Lifetime of Calm and Joy

Authors: Masuno, Shunmyo
Translated by: Uzėlaitė, Viktorija
Translated from: English
Published on: 2020

“The Art of Simple Living: 100 Daily Practices from a Japanese Zen Monk for a Lifetime of Calm and Joy“ is a book that proves that by doing simple daily practices, making small changes in habits, and not searching for necessarily exceptional experiences can help change the outlook and experience inner peace again. The author Japanese Zen Buddhist Shunmyo Masuno, used centuries of wisdom from Zen Buddhism, and wrote a hundred simple everyday practices for the modern man, living in a world dominated by technology, where people are becoming more and more distant from nature and each other, and where mental illnesses are more common than ever before. More

The Three-Body Problem

Authors: Liu, Cixin
Translated by: Kondrotas, Saulius Tomas
Translated from: English
Published on: 2020

The Three-Body Problem is the first book of a three-part science fiction series “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” about human encounters with another civilization and the dilemma of whether it means the salvation or destruction of the Earth.

The novel takes place in China in 1967, during the Cultural Revolution. The book describes the horoble reality of the regime, which destroyed the lives of many, and even killed some. In fact, it is even hard to believe that a book showing the shortcomings of the regime was allowed to be published, knowing what a strong censorship there exists. However, it might not have been the case if the author had not “hidden” those particular scenes in the Chinese version. Although the novel More

Burned Alive

Authors: Souad
Translated by: Račienė, Laima
Translated from: French
Published on: 2020

Burned Alive is a true story that happened in Palestine, in which Suada, a now forty-year-old woman, tells the story of her youth and life in the homeland, especially the situation of girls and women and the barbaric customs in Palestine that kill thousands of them senselessly every year.

A girl born into a Palestinian family is a real misfortune, that no one wants, and it is not even strange that many of them disappear without a trace, parents also often stress that having a sheep is much more useful and better than a girl. Girls work the hardest jobs, have no childhood, no toys, are beaten, strangled, burned and that is considered the norm More

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Authors: Arikawa, Hiro
Translated by: Kriaučiūnas, Marijus
Translated from: Japanese
Published on: 2020

“The Travelling Cat Chronicles” is an extremely sensitive story of human-cat friendship that reminds the reader of the beauty of life and emphasizes the values ​​of love and sacrifice. The wonderful adventure told in the book perfectly reflects the Japanese sincerity and the attention to detail inherent in Japanese literature.

The fateful meeting of protagonist Satoru and a wild cat Nana at the silver van changed their lives forever. And the accident brought the two friends even closer, who suddenly became inseparable. The once wild cat More

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