Asian studies in Lithuania

Study programs

Artimųjų Rytų studijų programa (Middle Eastern Studies)

Institution: Vilnius University

The Middle Eastern Studies (ARS) program is has been united since 2000. The Center for Oriental Studies at the University of Vilnius conducts Asian study programs in Arabic, Iranist and Turkish specialization, combining classical and modern studies of the Middle East region. It is the only multidisciplinary cultural studies program in the field of humanities in the Republic of Lithuania.

The program aims to prepare qualified specialists with a broad spectrum of academic knowledge in the field of Humanities. Upon graduation specialists will be capable to provide analysis of the culture and society of the Middle East and Islamic region, to communicate in a chosen language of the region (Arabic, Farsi or Turkish), and solve problems requiring interdisciplinary approach in governmental, non-governmental and business institutions. More

Rytų Azijos šalių kultūros ir kalbos (East Asian Cultures and Languages)

Institution: Vytautas Magnus University
Started from: 2012

This study program focuses on the history, religion, art and folklore of China, Japan and Korea. The students can choose one of the three languages as their major and another one as their minor language of the region.


Rytų Azijos regiono studijos (East Asia Region Studies)

Institution: Vytautas Magnus University
Started from: 2007

The postgraduate program of East Asia Region Studies (EARS) was launched at 2007 by the Regional Studies Department (Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, VMU), and is one of two programs, constructed on the basis regional knowledge. It is the first and the only one graduate program in Lithuania and Baltic States that offers English courses in the field of East Asian contemporary politics and society. It is mainly concentrated on modern political, economic, social and cultural issues of East Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Japan and China, but also provides possibility for students of learning region’s history, traditions, religions and languages.

All the courses of the program are prepared to be taught both in Lithuanian and in English. In the case at least 1 foreign student registers to the course, it is taught in English.


Šiuolaikinės Azijos studijos (Contemporary Asian studies)

Institution: Vilnius University

From 2006 a new postgraduate “Contemporary Asian Studies” program (MA) is implemented at the Centre. The Comparative Asian Studies program in the Humanities subdivision aims at providing its students with fundamental knowledge of the selected region and its characteristic featues, teaching its spoken language, investigating the peculiarity of the region’s problems and developing analytical approach to the subject. To help students improve their knowledge and have an opportunity to get training in the region of their selected language, the Oriental Centre is actively involved in international programs of studies abroad.



Azijos studijos (Asian Studies)

Institution: Vilnius University
Started from: 2000

In 2000 Vilnius university offered the Bachelor of Arts Program of Asian Studies. Since then the Program has given rise to specialists in Arabic / Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian studies. In 2006 a new BA degree studies program in Iranian Studies was started and since year 2008 a new Turkology Studies program is administrated. More

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