Asian studies in Lithuania

Started from: 2000
Institution: Vilnius University
Language: Lietuvių
Official code: 612U71001
Studies direction: Humanities sciences
Specializations: Indology, Japanology, Sinology, Turkology, Arabic studies, Iran studies
Level of studies: Bakalauras
Study form: Nuolatinės
Length of studies in years: 4
Scope in credits: 240
Qualification degree achieved / professional qualification: Bachelors degree of Asian studies
Program address in AIKOS system:

In 2000 Vilnius university offered the Bachelor of Arts Program of Asian Studies. Since then the Program has given rise to specialists in Arabic / Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian studies. In 2006 a new BA degree studies program in Iranian Studies was started and since year 2008 a new Turkology Studies program is administrated.

The Program aims to prepare qualified specialists with a broad spectrum of academic knowldege in the field of Humanities. Among its educational objectives are analysis and research of cultural evolution in the major geographical regions of Asia, intercultural communication, and prospects of collaboration with Asian countries.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU