Asian studies in Lithuania

Šiuolaikinės Azijos studijos (Contemporary Asian studies)

Institution: Vilnius University
Language: Lietuvių
Official code: 621U71001
Studies direction: Humanities sciences
Level of studies: Magistras
Study form: Nuolatinės
Length of studies in years: 2
Scope in credits: 120
Qualification degree achieved / professional qualification: Asian Studies MA
Program address in AIKOS system:

From 2006 a new postgraduate “Contemporary Asian Studies” program (MA) is implemented at the Centre. The Comparative Asian Studies program in the Humanities subdivision aims at providing its students with fundamental knowledge of the selected region and its characteristic featues, teaching its spoken language, investigating the peculiarity of the region’s problems and developing analytical approach to the subject. To help students improve their knowledge and have an opportunity to get training in the region of their selected language, the Oriental Centre is actively involved in international programs of studies abroad.


Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU