Asian studies in Lithuania

Rytų Azijos regiono studijos (East Asia Region Studies)

Started from: 2007
Institution: Vytautas Magnus University
Language: Anglų
Official code: 621L20007
Studies direction: Social sciences
Level of studies: Magistras
Study form: Nuolatinės
Length of studies in years: 2
Scope in credits: 120
Qualification degree achieved / professional qualification: Political sciences MA
Program address in AIKOS system:

The postgraduate program of East Asia Region Studies (EARS) was launched at 2007 by the Regional Studies Department (Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, VMU), and is one of two programs, constructed on the basis regional knowledge. It is the first and the only one graduate program in Lithuania and Baltic States that offers English courses in the field of East Asian contemporary politics and society. It is mainly concentrated on modern political, economic, social and cultural issues of East Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Japan and China, but also provides possibility for students of learning region’s history, traditions, religions and languages.

All the courses of the program are prepared to be taught both in Lithuanian and in English. In the case at least 1 foreign student registers to the course, it is taught in English.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU