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Taxonomy of the Nepticulidae of Continental East Asia (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae)

Author: Agnė Rocienė
Institute: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
Year of assertion: (Lietuvių) 2014

The object of the doctoral research is one of the most phylogenetically primitive (and thus theoretically one of the most important) taxa of the Lepidoptera order. The distinctive feature of the Nepticulidaefamily is deep trophic specialization and wide distribution in almost all terrestrial habitats and continents (except the Antarctic) (Puplesis, 1994; Diškus & Stonis, 2012). Though the family has long been an object of study, the fauna of many regions is still poorly known. East Asia is an important centre of biodiversity and is faunistically related with the European biota. Therefore studies of the East Asiatic Nepticulidae are important for better understanding the old faunogenetic processes which took place in the Eurasian continent. More

Sacrificed Forests: Power and Interests Behind Japan’s Forest Policy

Author: Linas Didvalis
Institute: International Christian University
Year of assertion: (Lietuvių) 2014

The dissertation analyzes the activities of Japanese interest groups and the dynamics of their relationship with state institutions after the Second World War, using a forest and wood policy as a case study. The study reveals the relationship and power relations between different ministries, the impact of foreign policy on domestic policies, the fragmentation  and the dependence on support from foreign organizations of civil society, and the actions of business representatives to defend their interests. The dissertation presents a complex and often contradictory situation of a globalizing Japan, in which the ambition to preserve the environment and to ensure economic growth by providing access to cheap, country-specific raw materials, is illustrated.



Construction of Identity in British ans Indian Cinema: a Postcolonial Approach

Author: Deimantas Valančiūnas
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: 2013

The object of the dissertation is British and Indian popular (commercial) cinema and the construction of identity there. The problem of identity construction in Indian and British films was researched employing three approaches found in the postcolonial theory: the critique of colonial discourse, anticolonial nationalism and the construction of national identity and the problematics of diasporic identity. The comparative analysis of the films from the two industries of the countries which were bounded by colonial relationships in the past let us see the complex ways of how identity is articulated in the postcolonial period. It also shows that the colonial memory is not merely a historical relict, but one of the ways to construct identity, which is always brought up and rethought in contemporary popular culture. More

Problem of Political Stability in Central Asian States: Challenges and Fundamentals of Stabilization

Author: Vadim Volovoj
Institute: Vilnius University
Year of assertion: 2012

Contemporary Central Asia (CA / Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan) is an internationally important region in economic and security sense. Its biggest problem is the lack of long-term political stability, which became the object of the thesis. Accordingly, the purpose of the thesis was to determine the basic reasons of instability in CA states, to disclose their detailed essence and offer an effective conception to maintain long-term stability in them. Stability was defined in dissertation as absence of revolution and objective/subjective socio-political and socio-economic base of discontent with the government of a single taken country, which is a premise and condition of the revolution in it. More

The Impact of the US Military Transformation on Russian and Chinese Security Policy

Author: Karolis Aleksa
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: 2012

Although US remained the strongest military power in international system after the Cold War, it was still deeply concerned how to retain its military dominance in the longer term, that could guarantee US further predominance in solving major international issues. Three US military transformation initiatives, namely the transformation of the US conventional forces, the development of missile defense systems and long-range conventional precision-strike capability, are considered as the main instruments to maintain US military dominance in the future. Considering that for Russia and China, which are perceived as the major US opponents, the US military transformation emerged as a big challenge, the research problem is formulated as an attempt to understand whether and how the US military transformation poses a threat to Russia and China’s security and in turn, how this affects Russian and Chinese security policy towards the United States. More

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU