Asian studies in Lithuania
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Spaces of Imagination: Traditional Chinese Aesthetics and Art

Authors: Andrijauskas, Antanas
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas

The book “Spaces of Imagination: Traditional Chinese Aesthetics and Art” which is written by Lithuanian philosopher, cultural historian, art critic, civilization theorist Antanas Andrijauskas aims to introduce a reader to the history, philosophy and problems of Chinese art. Also, it presents the history, the development and the context of Chinese art and aesthetics. In this book much attention is paid to Chinese poetry, calligraphy, landscape painting. The concepts of art, artwork, their More

The Clash Between Chine, India and Russia in Eurasia’s Civilizational Spaces

Authors: Andrijauskas, Konstantinas
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

In this book there is complexly described about three Eurasian greatest countries – China’s, India’s and Russia’s – regional level in foreign and inside policy. This book let’s us talk about a geopolitically exclusive strategic triangle which has influence in a two-way mutual relationship and global policy. The order of these three greatest Eurasia’s countries is not random, because China, India and Russia during the researching period of time (In the past sixteen years of 21st More

Muslims and their Islam

Authors: Račius, Egdūnas
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos centras

“Muslims and their Islam” is a study book about Islam as a religion and the Muslim culture, its traditions and customs. Author cites Quran and interprets it to explain the Muslim culture. Gives examples not only from Middle East or world but also from Lithuania and the Muslim culture here. More

Traces of a Sun Stone

Authors: Neimantas, Romualdas
Published on: 2002
Publisher: Epaisas

Romualdas Neimantas’s book “Traces of a Sun Stone” opens up with a small preface on how the author, during his journey throughout Central Asia, came across a Khakas woman, who was a historian and archeologist. Upon learning that the author came from the Baltic region, the woman shows him an old family keepsake – a necklace made of amber, which had been passed down to the women of her lineage from long time ago. Although the author is aware that the lengths which the amber, also known as the Gold of the North, had traveled around the world has been mostly through and due to Amber Road – an ancient trade route starting from North and Baltic Seas and ending at the Mediterranean Sea –  Neimantas is left wondering how the amber had traveled so far and deep into the hands of Khakas people. With the help of Neimantas’s friends, specializing in History and Archeology, as well various information depicted in old manuscripts and archeological finds, the author creates and connects the main spots of a possible route on how the amber could have gotten into Khakassia. In the book, the author depicts the travel through Central and Southern Europe, Northern Africa and across India until the lands of Khakassia through the adventurous journey of a young Baltic man named Aistis. More

Journey to Jerusalem

Authors: Radvila Kristupas Mikalojus, Našlaitėlis
Published on: 1990
Publisher: Mintis

European counter-reformation ideas reached Polish – Lithuanian commonwealth in the 16th century. Country’s politician, cartographer and traveler Mikalojus Kristupas Radvila Našlaitėlis (1549 – 1616) became its fierce supporter: reopened Catholic churches that were once closed by his father, supported Jesuits activities in Lithuania and went on a pilgrimage journey to Jerusalem. In diary ’’Journey to Jerusalem’’, that soon after its release in 1601 became a bestseller, Našlaitėlis wrote about places he visited in Palestine, Syria and Egypt, his adventures and first impressions. More

Iran, or the Other Side of the moon

Authors: Abramavičius, Marius
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Didakta

Book presents Muslim country, Iran. Writer visits not only famous cities such as capital Tehran, cultural Shiraz or historic Isfahan, also pointing out more remote and less polluted and chaotic , not hazed by traffic jam cities. Journey starts at Tehran, later are visited on the way situated smaller central and borderline provinces of Iran, which have unique rhythm of life and perfectly presents diversity of Iran’s society. Journey through Iran is seen not by historian or journalist, but as … More

Own Istanbul

Authors: Koruklu, Jolita
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Obuolys

This book could be called as guide of Istanbul, whereas best places assortment in the city. Author thinks that Istanbul is like „living organism, which continually changing“, so this book have everything: from history of ancient and modern Istanbul from lifestyles. „Own Istanbul“ is the best assistant for searching Istanbul\’s places. After reading the book, you‘ll know everything how is going and even how to behave in the mosque or market.


Ryto rasos sodas (Garden of Morning Dew)

Authors: Ptakauskas, Kęstutis
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Aukso Pieva

Kestutis Ptakausko interest in Japanese gardens started by one incident in 1996. While on a holiday in Palanga, he accidentally saw a picture of a Japanese garden, which has made a significant impact on his life, because by seeing the picture he became interested in Japanese culture and wanted to create a similar garden that he saw. Even before the end of holiday in Palanga, he came back and threw himself into the garden development work.

This book, \”Ryto rasos sodas\”, the author wants to introduce Lithuanian readers with his hobby. More

History of Japan

Authors: Švambarytė, Dalia
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Vilnius University

\”History of Japan\” written by Dr. Dalia Švambarytė revolves around history of Japan since the islands division to nowadays. All the eras, periods, rulers who are worth mentioning are mentioned in the book as well as the progress of art and science. The book is divided into parts and every era has its own part, so you don\’t have to read the book from the beginning in order to find out about certain event. In the beginning of the book we can find the explanations how Japanese names and names of places are translated into Lithuanian. The book is also full of illustrations and various useful maps. \”Japanese history\” is one of the first books about Japanese history released by a Lithuanian writer and the first one which is so informative.

Mamahuhu. Six years in China

Authors: Aukštakalnytė-Hansen, Eglė
Published on: 2015
Publisher: Tyto alba

The book “Mama Afrika”  writer Eglė Aukštakalnytė-Hansen  that had to move form Kenia to Sanhay, so she could wrote a book “Mamahuhu, Šešeri metai Kinijoje”, where she told her experience.  The author Eglė Aukštakalnytė-Hansen tries to show the boundless (so much geographycal area, so much cultural meaning) China as a huge colage, that every detail is distinctive, immpresive and worth attention.

At first the reader is suprised and intreaged by the book title „Mamahuhu“. This lingvistic crossword meaning is expalined by the author in the book, but the reader can interpret it on their own way.   Also there is many photographs, that are captured by the author from various China regions. Photos and signatures helps you understand what kind of different country it is on people, environment and traditions point of view. More

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