Asian studies in Lithuania

Established at: 2009
Address: V. Putvinskio g. 23-417/418, Kaunas
Canceled: No

dr. Aurelijus Zykas

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The Centre for Asian Studies is one of the research centres of the University constructed on the basis of multidisciplinary regional knowledge. Therefore, the Centre’s main object is Asia, from the perspectives of humanities and social sciences, with the emphasis on the modern trends of Asian politics, economy, society and culture. Presently we are concentrated on East Asia region (Japan, Korea and China), but there are plans to expand our interests to Southwest, Central, South and Southeast Asia regions in the future.

The main aims of the Centre:

  • To conduct research in the field of Asia region studies in cooperation with other foreign academic institutions by initiating and participating in joint projects. Our Centre’s main research line is concentrated on Asian cultures and their worldwide perceptions (images);
  • To promote knowledge on Asian cultures in Lithuanian society through academic, educational and cultural events like conferences, symposiums, public lectures, summer schools, exhibitions, concerts, etc. We are cooperating with several students’ organizations (Club Hashi, Hallyu Club and Club Wu Wei) to achieve this aim;
  • To teach University’s students the subjects on East Asian cultures, languages, society, politics and economics. Together with the Regional Studies Department and the Centre of Foreign Languages we are coordinating the East Asia Region studies program (MA, since 2007), East Asian Languages an Cultures progrogram (BA, since 2012) and the courses of Asian languages;
  • To collect and expand funds on Asian countries, located in the reading room of the Centre. We are cooperating with the University’s Library to achieve this aim.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU