Asian studies in Lithuania

Established at: 1993
Address: Universiteto g. 9/1, Vilnius
Languages lectured: Arabų, farsi, hindi, japonų, kinų, korėjiečių, sanskritas, tibetiečių, turkų.
Canceled: No

Dr. Vytis Silius

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The Centre of Oriental Studies is the main institution in Lithuania a branch of Vilnius University preparing the specialist in the field of Asia and Middle East and unifying researchers of East. The main objective of the Centre is to prepare specialists in Asia who are needed for science, culture and business and to form an adequate understanding of Eastern cultures in Lithuania, initiate the dialogue between East and West.

The Centre conducts intensive scientific work, employs six research groups, publishes the periodical scientific magazine Acta Orientalia Vilnesia, organizes annual scientific conference Asia studies: problems and research, prepare translations of classical Asian texts. With the help of Asian countries representative offices and foreign libraries Centre has the richest oriental library in Lithuania, various consultations are provided to the state institutions, academic relations with European, American and Asian colleagues are developed.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU