Asian studies in Lithuania

Established at: 2010
Address: M.K. Čiurlionio g. 21, II korpusas, Vilnius
Languages lectured: Kinų
Canceled: No

Prof. Audrius Beinorius
Prof. Zhang Donghui

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By the initiative of Vilnius University and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China the Confucius institute at Vilnius University was established on November 26 2010. It is the first and the largest center for Chinese language and culture in Lithuania. The Institute organizes Chinese language and culture courses and academic and cultural events.

Following its traditions in autumn each year, Confucius Institute holds the Chinese
Culture during which Chinese teachers and masters come to the institute to present Chinese culture. What is more, the Chinese New Year celebration is organized annually. In addition to these public events, public lectures, concerts, exhibitions are held. Close cooperation with secondary schools and cultural institutions not only in Vilnius but also in other cities of Lithuania is ongoing as well.

The Institute is engaged not only in cultural activities, but also in educational activities. Various language courses are organized, in which students who have achieved good results have the opportunity to attend the Chinese language summer camp in China or participate in the competition for the Confucius Institute scholarship. In addition to these academic events, international HSK (Chinese Language Testing) examinations which are recognized globally and are required for entry into universities in China or participating in the Confucius Institute Scholarship Competition are also organized.

In addition to language courses, cultural courses are also organized. Their themes vary widely: from medicine to calligraphy, anyone who wants to get to know different aspects of culture can enroll in these courses. From February 2014, the Confucius Institute opened a Chinese children’s school, which provides opportunity to learn Chinese and get acquainted with Chinese culture.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU