Asian studies in Lithuania

Established at: 2013
Address: Kosciuškos g. 26, Vilnius
Languages lectured: Japonų
Canceled: No

Dalia Dokšaitė

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The Japanese Culture Home opened its doors in October, 2013, however the start of its activities was 1997 when the artist Dalia Dokšaitė founded the art studio “Tušo Kelias” (Engl. “Ink Road”). Since the foundation of the studio 7 exhibitions has been organized in various cities of Lithuania, 7 plenaries and international seminars and presentations have been held. The Japanese Culture House in the form of public lectures, classes, events, camps and with other various activities dedicated to the Far East aims to awaken and nurture national identity, tolerance towards the cultures of other nations, promoting the self-expression, initiative, creativity and mutual cooperation.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU