Asian studies in Lithuania

Drakono alsavimas: (“Breath of Dragon)

Authors: Dikčius, Raimondas, (Lietuvių) Juocevičiūtė, Goda
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2011
Publisher: Versus aureus

The book „Dragon breathing“, written by Raimondas Dikcius and Goda Juoceviciute It is about 2 countries and one city in Asia: China, Tibet and Honkong. These writers have a lot of experience in traveling in all these countries so they write only about most interesting regions and places, talking about local people thinking, by the way book has a lot of photos. Authors gave practical sugestions what to do in diffrent situations in diffrent countries. Book gives all atention to cities and cultural matters, not to nature.

All story started in Honkong city. This city has seven million people, but they are different from other countries Asian people, because , they are not pushing each other, not smoking in bus, drivers respect pedestrians. In Honkong you don’t need to know Chinese language because this city people, free talking in English. All city has a British culture, local people have good manners. In this city there are a lot of companies and business people. Here you will not find any ancient buildings and statues. Living here is very expensive, within 10 days of spend, to save as much as for mainland China spending lived twenty days. Next chapter is about China.

About this country authors talk absolutely different than about Hongkong. This book tells that Chinese people like to cheat each other, although almost only foreigners suffer from that. They can’t complain to anyone, because police officers talk only in Chinese. All Chinese people to Europeans seem to be the same. Talking about their writing characters, they are not easy, for example: if a Chinese student does not continue learning after school graduate, he cannot read cultural books and newspapers, because he does not understand more difficult characters. So a lot of people easy believe what is told them by politics. In this country you can see a lot of ancient cultural buildings, Great Chinese wall, statues and other things. One more interesting thing is that in China price cannot ensure the quality of living, and services. Operational assistance and information can be obtained, where at least you expected it. For example: in small town you will be understood in half of word and sometimes in capital, you have to try harder to be understood. One more interesting thing is that guides in China, get payment not from tours, but from tourists when they buy souvenirs.

Next chapter is abut Tibet. Tibet is „roof of the world“. Authors said that, here was born the oldest world religion Buddhism. Those who said “that monasteries are only for tourists’ visiting“ they are lying. Because not many Lithuanians were in Tibet. Authors write very interestingly about differences between Chinese people and Tibetans. Chinese people like to lie to foreigners, talk about their country economic, are small, thin and do not like Tibet climate. Tibet people do not like lying to foreigners; they like to talk about foreigners’ cultural, they look strong, not afraid of wintry climate.
If you like to know more about these countries you should read the book „Dragon breathing“

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