Asian studies in Lithuania

The Philippines. The Magic of Ring of Fire (Filipinai. Ugnies žiedo kerai)

Authors: Kinderis, Dainius
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2011
Publisher: Metodika

The book about one of the Southeast Asia‘s country the Philippines author starts with words: “Is it possible to love a foreign country? The one which is thousands of miles, hundreds of cultures, tens of hours by plane away. The one which is located after many timelines, mountain ranges, infinite oceans.”  This book is a travel diary of Dainius Kinderis, in which he talks about the Philippines as a country which changed him as a traveler. He spent hundreds of days in the Philippines and as the result he introduces the readers to the country\’s history, speaks about the relations between Lithuania and the Philippines and the human beings who played important roles in creating them. Author mentions a dangerous trip in the ferry, during which he visited the abode of the separatists and Badjao sea tribe. Maintaining the theme of danger, the author talks about the risky trip to the highest peak – Mount Apo. Mindanao and Bohol islands and very well described and also he talks about how this immensely religious nation celebrates All Souls Day and enjoys rooster fighting. Every chapter of the book is a big help towards getting to know this amazing country where people do not stop smiling and continuously feel sorry for being too friendly.

„Filipinai. Ugnies žiedo kerai“ is not only a travel diary. Using the experience Dainius Kinderis gained continuously traveling to the Philippines, he shares practical advises for the future travelers. In the travel manual he advises how to prepare physically before going to a tropical country, let people know about outer and inner transport, native food, language, singles out important points, creates the list of „Pearls of the Philippines“ where author presents five places which in his opinion are important to visit. So, this book not only helps to get to know the culture of the country but gives practical advises for the future travelers.

The format of the book draws a lot of attention. There are many colorful photographs taken by the author himself. They perfectly portray the tropical beauty of the country. White sand beaches, blue lagoons, Chocolate hills, which during rainy season acquire green and during the dry season brown shade and palm trees which can not be dismissed while talking about the Philippines. And also the Filipinos with durian in their hands are smiling from the pictures inviting foreigners to visit and enjoy their colorful country.

Dainius Kinderis – writer, journalist, since 1998 he visited approximately 80 countries. In year 2006 selected traveler of the year and is called Lithuanian Magellan. In year 2010 he became the winner of Matas Šalčius literature award. „Filipinai. Ugnies žiedo kerai“ is the second book of the author in which he presents the facts about the Philippines along with his own experience and pictures. The way Dainius Kinderis describes this country and its people makes you wonder whether this kind of place actually exists in the world and makes one want to travel there in order to get to know this paradise from up close.

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