Asian studies in Lithuania
Authors: Starkus, Martynas
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2010
Publisher: Tyto alba

Second book, written by journalist and traveler Martynas Starkus, is “Tuk tuk India“ and written in travel blog form. Author is famous not only because of his works in Lithuanian media, but mostly by travelling extreme travels and making TV shows about it. Moreover, Martynas Starkus is very talented writter and his blog posts in internet were really well-known and interesting to read. Mostly because of it he desided to write books according to his emotions and memories about the trips.

This book describes the journey of four Lithuanians who are traveling by 15 years-old car “Lachudra” to India – a mysterious veil shrouded, a country of smells and spices. Travel’s destination is to cross the country from East to West and return at starting position – city of Mumbai – using different route within three weeks. Their goal is to visit the most beautiful places in India, to get more familiar with the culture and people’s life style. The author cheerily and interestingly writes about his journey and the challenges they encountered. Tragedy in India – attack in Mumbai  by terrorist‘s of Pakistan –  influenced  Lithuanians’ adventures. This tragic event has forced travelers to live in stress and prepare journalistic reportages about disaster  to Lithuanian media channels for the last few days of the journey. This tragedy was the focal point in all the news of the world and Lithuanian travalers were in the hottest spot in Asia at that moment .

India is a witty and together intriguing country, which attracts tourists by its variety of colors, cultural subtleties and beautiful architectural masterpieces. In the book “Tuk tuk India“ Martynas Starkus wants to show beautiful India and not the dirty south Asian country. The book is very colorfull and uses many illustrations which present India, its culture and moments of the trip. This allows easier understanding of details described by author. According to this book, there is a cognitive TV program “Tuk tuk India“ created.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU