Asian studies in Lithuania

Exclusive journeys: China, Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal

Authors: Rute, Ieva
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Aukso pieva

Ievos Rutes book can be considered as responsible travelling and astonishing travelling routes guide. As it can be guessed from the name of the book author talks about sightseeing in China, Tibet, Mianmar and Nepal. As we all know these exotic countries have a lot to offer in many different aspects such as culture, architecture, art. As author herself says: “I never go on a trip without my camera equipment” and that is why this book attracts even more attention with all the amazing photographies it has from the smallest temples to worlds highest mountains. That is why after reading this book the desire to travel is over the top.

In the first part of the book author shares the idea of responsible travelling. First thought that pops in probably everyone’s mind when they hear “responsible travelling” is probably the most obvious one – littering. And they are all correct but that is not everything. Author points that when we travel we have to adapt to surroundings  and that is not only to weather conditions but also different cultures and people.  Nowadays when tourism market is expanded all over the world it changes or even destroys tiny, modest cultures created years and years ago. Power of money exists all over the world and it is sad to see when people from small villages tend to act as possible as they can make tourists feel like they are surrounded by western culture. We are guests there and we have to respects other culture and its people. The amount of money we spent does not give us privilege to treat others disrespectfully.

Furthermore, author gives tips to successful travelling which not only provides new experience but also expands our knowledge of the world such as: jump right in the casual day of towns people, communicate with as many people as possible, learn their interest, find out the dress-code, village myths, try and use public transport and maybe learn a phrase or two. Finally, the rest of the book contains basic information about four countries that are mentioned in the beginning. Giving useful tips from when to travel to what kind of dishes to try and transport to use.

Ieva Rute – traveller, photographer, MA and lecturer of Vilnius University Oriental Studies Centre teaches Chinese language. For 10 years now organises travels to China, Tibet, Peru, Bolivia, Ethiopia and other far far away lands.  This book inspires and encourages to travel, to experience new things and expand our understanding of world. World is not only build on western culture so we need to act properly with respect and passion.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU