Asian studies in Lithuania

To Asia with Love

Authors: Štaraitė, Gabrielė
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2015
Publisher: Alma Literra

The book travels around four full of wonders and paradoxes Asian countries – Burma, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The book tells the story about each of these countries, their traditions, culture, history and local people. The book vividly tell the story about cities, villages, temples and architectural wonders. In the book you can read about various adventures, some good moments and some stories about uncomfortable events. The author very well provide each of the countries, advises what to see, what to avoid and how to get to know these extraordinary cultures. The author paints a picture of the country she visited and highlight several key stages of the development of the state. In the book the author tells the story about every country history, cities, statistic and myths. After reading this book, you get to know every country and you can easily see each other\’s differences.

The thing, that attracted my attention, was that G. Štaraitė tells her own personal stories. The author also tells very vividly stories about life of the local places : in Burma you can touch the long time ago dead, nirvana absorbed body of a monk and people, who lives in Sulawesi island, work all their life just for one purpose – get properly buried or in Vietnam tourists can meet special walkers that will walk them across the street … The book is also very good looking and nice. There are plenty of photographs (author\’s personal archive) prevails in many different colors. Pictures are sort of symbolic, it is clear that the author reveals the subtleties of Asian cultures not only by text, but also by pictures.

Gabrielle Štaraitė – traveller and businesswoman. She used to work with marketing and advertising and after some time she made her hobby to travel into job, now she is head of the travel agency. In 2015 she published the book “To Asia with Love”. In the book the author offers a different look to the East Asian countries. The book tells the story not only of the tourist destinations and places of interest – the book also includes a brief historical and cultural overview of each country, their people and way of life. According to the author, this book aims to break the stereotype of the famous Asian countries, and put readers closer to the culture of these countries, people and traditions. The author\’s personal relationship with exotic edges helps each reader to empathize and know the yet unknown places.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU