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The Clash Between Chine, India and Russia in Eurasia’s Civilizational Spaces

Authors: Andrijauskas, Konstantinas
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

In this book there is complexly described about three Eurasian greatest countries – China’s, India’s and Russia’s – regional level in foreign and inside policy. This book let’s us talk about a geopolitically exclusive strategic triangle which has influence in a two-way mutual relationship and global policy. The order of these three greatest Eurasia’s countries is not random, because China, India and Russia during the researching period of time (In the past sixteen years of 21st More

Traces of a Sun Stone

Authors: Neimantas, Romualdas
Published on: 2002
Publisher: Epaisas

Romualdas Neimantas’s book “Traces of a Sun Stone” opens up with a small preface on how the author, during his journey throughout Central Asia, came across a Khakas woman, who was a historian and archeologist. Upon learning that the author came from the Baltic region, the woman shows him an old family keepsake – a necklace made of amber, which had been passed down to the women of her lineage from long time ago. Although the author is aware that the lengths which the amber, also known as the Gold of the North, had traveled around the world has been mostly through and due to Amber Road – an ancient trade route starting from North and Baltic Seas and ending at the Mediterranean Sea –  Neimantas is left wondering how the amber had traveled so far and deep into the hands of Khakas people. With the help of Neimantas’s friends, specializing in History and Archeology, as well various information depicted in old manuscripts and archeological finds, the author creates and connects the main spots of a possible route on how the amber could have gotten into Khakassia. In the book, the author depicts the travel through Central and Southern Europe, Northern Africa and across India until the lands of Khakassia through the adventurous journey of a young Baltic man named Aistis. More

To Bangkok in 40 Days

Authors: Paukštys, Saulius
Published on: 2014
Publisher: Tyto alba

“Į Bankoką per 40 dienų”, the book written by Photo-artist Saulius Paukštys, describes a breathtaking story and memories. The journey was organized in order to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the fearless Transatlantic flight of two legendary Lithuanian pilots – Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. During the trek lasting for almost two months, the distance exceeding fourteen thousand kilometers was covered by two motorcyclists accompanied by their two friends driving cars. A variety of roads and paths, from coasting on asphalt roads to adventures off the beaten track, nearly everything was tried out on their way to Thailand crossing Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Laos. More

Asia, open up

Authors: Siniuvienė, Aušra, Mozurienė, Vilija
Published on: 2007
Publisher: Kronta

This comic book ,,Asia, open up\”, which is written by Vilija Mozurienė and Aušra Siniuvienė, provides excellent opportunities for readers to dive into the spectacular and scenic trips in 47 Asian countries. The book consists of funny, various comics, which allows to get acquainted with Asia slightly differently: there is no single text or certain information in this book – everything is presented playfully, with a lot of images. Each country in this book including Azerbaijan, … More

10 000 Kilometers till Lithuania

Authors: Venclova, Tomas
Published on: 2003
Publisher: Baltos Lankos

From the travel diaries made book, the readers can feel through the eyes of the author far Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, or China and Tibet. The book introduce us with these countries closer and lively. Author visits those places in which he has personal intrest, most of the time exploring cultural monuments or aspects of civilization. Each day spent in the country is always new for the author and he spends each day fully to feel the country as much as possible. Sometimes the author gets into funny situations or writes ironic comments, thereby not hiding his discovery happiness and difficulties he experience while travelling. More

Rytai – Vakarai: kultūrų sąveika (East – West: Interaction of Cultures)

Published on: 2002

Authors of the articles: Vygandas Aleksandravičius, Antanas Andrijauskas, Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė, Vaclovas Bagdonavičius, Jonas Balčius, Audrius Beinorius, Rūta Guzevičiūtė, Valdas Jaskūnas, Dalius Jonkus, Stanislovas Juknevičius, Česlovas Kalenda, Auksė Kapočiūtė, Vladimir Korobov, Bronislovas Kuzmickas, Basia Nikiforova, Aistė Niunkaitė-Račiūnienė, Marija Oniščik, Loreta Poškaitė, Dainius Razauskas, Oresta Rėgalaitė, Vytautas Rimša, Vytautas Rubavičius, Dalia Marija Stančienė, Aivaras Stepukonis, Regimantas Tamošaitis, Daiva Tamošaitytė, Hidemichi Tanaka, Vytautas Tumėnas, Algis Uždavinys, Gintautas Vyšniauskas.


The Trip to Shambala

Authors: Ivanauskaitė, Jurga
Published on: 1997
Publisher: Tyto alba

„If you ask me, what inspired me the most from various impressions or conclusions,without doubt i would answer that: SAMBAL“ – with this quote, which  Nicolah Roerich wrote in his diary after the trip around Himalayas, the author started her book „The trip to Sambal“. This is the second part of trilogy „Tibetan Mandala“, which could be the preface of budism for every person.


Ištremtas Tibetas (Tibet in Exile)

Authors: Ivanauskaitė, Jurga
Published on: 1996
Publisher: Tyto Alba

“Tibet in exile” reveals the essential features of the Tibetan culture, telling about Tibetan history, religion, and the current state of the nation, mixed with lively author’s personal experiences and observations.

In 1994 Jurga Ivanauskaitė went to India and studied Tibetan Buddhism in Dharamsala. When leaving she said she will not write ficion as incompatible with Buddhist practice. However, traveling impressions and a new spiritual experience allowed her to fall in love with Tibet. Jurga felt as if Tibet was created for her, and she for him. There she experienced a lot of excitement, mystical and very personal experiences. Learned many things about Tibet and its traditions: went to rituals, funerals, christenings, weddings . That is why she decided her travel experiences to describe in the book “Tibet in exile“. More

Typhoon Wrath

Authors: Laurinčiukas, Albertas
Published on: 1984
Publisher: Vaga

Lithuanian journalist and author Albertas Laurinčiukas has released many travel books which have won several prizes, such as ,, Cooper Sun’’, ,,Black Blood’’ and many more, is coming back with a book “Typhoon wrath” which has also won a prize. In this book the author shares his experiences in Asia, many conversations with many people, full of color traditions, cultures, languages and the distinct rhythm of life.

The Author’s journey began in Tokyo in the international Haneda aerodrome from which, the wind carried him to Mongolia’s steppes near the Buir Nur river. Then, when the wheels of the plane had touched the concrete grounds of Kabul aerodrome, then he had officially landed in Afghanistan. The Pacific Ocean brought him to Vietnam. From there the author travelled to less known countries such as: Kampuchea and Laos which surprised them with their simplicity. He carried on to the colorful Hong Kong, from there on the journey continued to the smell of sampaguita blossoms in the Philippines. In India the author was friendly welcomed by the stone statue of shiva, in Al- Qurnah the Heaven’s garden. All these journeys fill humans with so much experience and the opportunity for the reader to learn about these places.

Despite ,,Typhoon wrath’’ being a travel book as it can look from the first glance. It is filled with a lot of interesting facts, witty comments which draw you in into the depts of Asia.

Albertas Laurinčiukas in the book ‘’Typhoon Wrath’’ acquaints the reader with the daily life of a Western viewpoint with the unknown and odd world. Which inspires us with unique life spices and history from the Eternal Time river in India, to his first journey story.

On the roof of the World

Authors: Vedegytė, L., Mikalauskas, Vytautas
Published on: 1969
Publisher: Mintis

With this  travel book, authors present growing the Soviet Union country – Tajikistan. During the trip, the authors travel around whole of the country. They visit cotton fields and tell the country\’s ‚tresure‘ foundation  history: all of the difficulties experienced by scientists, farmers,while  creating the conditions for this crop to flourish in the country. They tell the story of the soldier how he became such and how he helped to rescue Lithuanian land from the Nazis. The story of … More

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