Asian studies in Lithuania
Authors: Siniuvienė, Aušra, Mozurienė, Vilija
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2007
Publisher: Kronta

This comic book ,,Asia, open up\”, which is written by Vilija Mozurienė and Aušra Siniuvienė, provides excellent opportunities for readers to dive into the spectacular and scenic trips in 47 Asian countries. The book consists of funny, various comics, which allows to get acquainted with Asia slightly differently: there is no single text or certain information in this book – everything is presented playfully, with a lot of images. Each country in this book including Azerbaijan, …Bangladesh, Georgia, India, Iran, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Thailand and many others are especially rich in cultural and spiritual treasures, allowing access to the country\’s history, symbols and other features.

The book authors choice to write about Asia was very felicitous. This continent is not only the largest, but also very distinctive and contrasting: the world\’s largest mountains, deserts, volcanoes, flora and fauna diversity. Reading this book, in every page you can find background information about the country, population, capital,currency and a mini-map showing where is a specific state. The world\’s religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many others, was born in Asia. Although it is a comic book, but each comic or thumbnail image reflects a certain country and daily routine, therefore to understand and get acquainted with the country is much easier and more inventively. The comics were painted by professional artists, who have tried to present countries unconventionally, so that\’s why the trip to Asia would not get bored.

The authors of the book, V. Mozurienė and A.Siniuvienė, are an experienced educators. Working at this book they argued, debated a lot and to have know and provide everything to the reader was impossible, therefore the writers hopes that the reader will travel to some of the 47 countries and will see and get acquainted with them itself.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU