Asian studies in Lithuania
Authors: Vedegytė, L., Mikalauskas, Vytautas
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 1969
Publisher: Mintis

With this  travel book, authors present growing the Soviet Union country – Tajikistan. During the trip, the authors travel around whole of the country. They visit cotton fields and tell the country\’s ‚tresure‘ foundation  history: all of the difficulties experienced by scientists, farmers,while  creating the conditions for this crop to flourish in the country. They tell the story of the soldier how he became such and how he helped to rescue Lithuanian land from the Nazis. The story of …Obi Come Garma – place of medical treatment of the body, which is visited by thousands of people, a place where you can forget about all your healt problems. During the trip, authors meet a lot Lithuanian nationality people with whom they discover having a lot of  topics to talk about, despite the fact that they have been living for a long time outside the homeland. And many other interesting traveling stories.

This is a great book that presents Tajikistan, a country that is growing and thriving in the Soviet Union.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU