Asian studies in Lithuania
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Exclusive journeys: China, Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal

Author: Rute, Ieva

Ievos Rutes book can be considered as responsible travelling and astonishing travelling routes guide. As it can be guessed from the name of the book author talks about sightseeing in China, Tibet, Mianmar and Nepal. As we all know these exotic countries have a lot to offer in many different aspects such as culture, architecture, art. As author herself says: “I never go on a trip without my camera equipment” and that is why this book attracts even more attention with all the amazing photographies it has from the smallest temples to worlds highest mountains. That is why after reading this book the desire to travel is over the top. More

Importance of Name in Ancient Egypt

Author: Rudzinskaitė-Arcimavičienė, Marija

Marija Rudzinskaite-Arcimaviciene was the first Lithuanian Egyptologist, scientist, initiator of professional Egyptology in Lithuania. She started finding interest in Egypt while she was studying in Moscow. Her professor was a famous Russian Orientalist Boris Turajev. Marija dedicated her life for historical Egypt heritage research. She participated in many expeditions in Egypt and brought a lot of exhibits to Lithuania, especially from the excavations with a famous American archaeologist George Reisner. Since 1922 she was a professor in Vytautas Magnus University. Marija also started history of Egypt course in the university where she taught students about art and literature monuments.  In 1932 she published a dictionary „Egipto hieroglifai“. In the book she explained symbolic and phonetical meaning of hieroglyphs.  She also translated some anthems and one tale. In 1936 Marija published Egypt history textbook and some other books about Egypt. Majority of her exhibits are held at Mykolas Žilinskas Gallery in Kaunas. More

To Bangkok in 40 Days

Author: Paukštys, Saulius

“Į Bankoką per 40 dienų”, the book written by Photo-artist Saulius Paukštys, describes a breathtaking story and memories. The journey was organized in order to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the fearless Transatlantic flight of two legendary Lithuanian pilots – Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. During the trek lasting for almost two months, the distance exceeding fourteen thousand kilometers was covered by two motorcyclists accompanied by their two friends driving cars. A variety of roads and paths, from coasting on asphalt roads to adventures off the beaten track, nearly everything was tried out on their way to Thailand crossing Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Laos. More

Fishes and Dragons

Author: Radzevičiūtė, Undinė

The “Fishes and Dragons“ book is different from the traditional Lithuanian literature tradition. It is like different category, in which intellectual challenge is combined with refined and not refined humor, and characters talks as they were fighting with a swards. According to Saulius Repečka – redactor of “Baltos Lankos” publishing house, this book is for reader, who can separate event of literature from the literature bubble. The name of the book “Fishes and Dragons” symbolizes Christianity, symbol of Christ – fish, and the power of imperator of China – dragon. Therefore conjunction of these two different worlds. More

Operacijoje „Irako laisvė”

Author: Maliauskas, Sigitas

“Operacijoje “Irako laisvė” is a book about first Lithuanian soldiers mission in Iraq in 2003. Just by having a quick glance at this book you might think that this is another book about war, but actually, you will find much more.  Every chapter starts with quote from by far famous book about war „The art of war“. These short fragments of brilliant Sun Dzu book makes text very sublime. Sergeant writes about communication between solders, psychological support for each other, … More

Beyond the Yellow Sea

Author: Liubeckis, Mykolas

Mykolas Liubeckis – photographer and journalist. Book is old, released in USSR therefore the country which is represented changed a lot.

In the book author depicts experiences received in „The Land of the rising Sun“ – Japan. The period during which author visited Japan was post World War II. He describes daily life of civilian people, political situation, economy. However, religion,traditions,arts and myths are not forgotten.

Book is rich of photographs – mostly made by author himself. They portray not only hard daily life of people but also rays of hope for better future.

The Philippines. The Magic of Ring of Fire (Filipinai. Ugnies žiedo kerai)

Author: Kinderis, Dainius

The book about one of the Southeast Asia‘s country the Philippines author starts with words: “Is it possible to love a foreign country? The one which is thousands of miles, hundreds of cultures, tens of hours by plane away. The one which is located after many timelines, mountain ranges, infinite oceans.”  This book is a travel diary of Dainius Kinderis, in which he talks about the Philippines as a country which changed him as a traveler. He spent hundreds of days in the Philippines and as the result he introduces the readers to the country\’s history, speaks about the relations between Lithuania and the Philippines and the human beings who played important roles in creating them. Author mentions a dangerous trip in the ferry, during which he visited the abode of the separatists and Badjao sea tribe. Maintaining the theme of danger, the author talks about the risky trip to the highest peak – Mount Apo. More

Life on the Volcano (Gyvenimas ant ugnikalnio)

Author: Neimantas, Romualdas

The book ,,Gyvenimas ant ugnikalnio“ written by the associated professor Romualdas Neimantas, provides us with an opportunity to travel in time through the Land of the Raising Sun. Throughout this book there are presented various written articles about the ancient and modern life (from the writer‘s point of view) of Japan. The comprehension of modernity might have changed as well as Japan might have changed, while having in mind that it has turned into one of the most modern countries of the World and it has to be mentioned that more than 30 years have passed since the release of this book. However, having a chance to look at this country from different perspectives – is essentially valuable. The stories told by the author are not only impressions from his first journey to Japan but also stories which were collected from local citizens of this country. These stories provide the readers with an opportunity to have even a loser “touch” with a country which often seems so distant and covered in myths. More

To Asia with Love

Author: Štaraitė, Gabrielė

The book travels around four full of wonders and paradoxes Asian countries – Burma, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The book tells the story about each of these countries, their traditions, culture, history and local people. The book vividly tell the story about cities, villages, temples and architectural wonders. In the book you can read about various adventures, some good moments and some stories about uncomfortable events. The author very well provide each of the countries, advises what to see, what to avoid and how to get to know these extraordinary cultures. The author paints a picture of the country she visited and highlight several key stages of the development of the state. In the book the author tells the story about every country history, cities, statistic and myths. After reading this book, you get to know every country and you can easily see each other\’s differences. More

Mamahuhu. Six years in China

Author: Aukštakalnytė-Hansen, Eglė

The book “Mama Afrika”  writer Eglė Aukštakalnytė-Hansen  that had to move form Kenia to Sanhay, so she could wrote a book “Mamahuhu, Šešeri metai Kinijoje”, where she told her experience.  The author Eglė Aukštakalnytė-Hansen tries to show the boundless (so much geographycal area, so much cultural meaning) China as a huge colage, that every detail is distinctive, immpresive and worth attention.

At first the reader is suprised and intreaged by the book title „Mamahuhu“. This lingvistic crossword meaning is expalined by the author in the book, but the reader can interpret it on their own way.   Also there is many photographs, that are captured by the author from various China regions. Photos and signatures helps you understand what kind of different country it is on people, environment and traditions point of view. More

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