Asian studies in Lithuania
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Dancing Sushi or Gaijin Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

Author: Rasa, Žalynaitė

The teacher Rasa Zalynaite never in her entire life dreamed about going to Japan, but she says: “The irony of fortune: all my “never to do things” became the main things I did in my life”. After a long time of hesitates and her friend advices she participate in a competition where the price was the opportunity to study in Japan. Only after announcement that she won the competition she realised her life will go into the melting-pot, but she didn’t want to refuse this opportunity. Even … More

Dotted line in the margins of road: a journey to Iran 2009 Summer

Author: Abramavičius, Marius

M. Abramavičius is a famous Lithuanian photographer, artist, writer and traveler. He has visited a lot of countries and written some books about his travels. One of them – “Dotted line in the margins of road: a journey to Iran 2009 Summer“. This book is like a diary of that journey,  which gives you a chance to forget all stereotypes and see the country Iran in a different way.

M. Abramavičius with his friend went to Iran via Georgia, Turkey, its border with Armenia and came back via Azerbaijan. They moved away from their comfortable homes, they left their families and friends. They met an unfamiliar culture and saw different landscape and faced some strange rules. This book picturesquely tells about Iran‘s history, traditions, lifestyle and daily routine. Also it reveals that Iranians are very friendly and hospitable people and this country is not deserved to be called The World Axis of Evil. More

Drakono alsavimas: (“Breath of Dragon)

Author: Dikčius, Raimondas

The book „Dragon breathing“, written by Raimondas Dikcius and Goda Juoceviciute It is about 2 countries and one city in Asia: China, Tibet and Honkong. These writers have a lot of experience in traveling in all these countries so they write only about most interesting regions and places, talking about local people thinking, by the way book has a lot of photos. Authors gave practical sugestions what to do in diffrent situations in diffrent countries. Book gives all atention to cities and cultural matters, not to nature. More

Silk Road, or 10 000 kilometers with \”Pagieža\”

Author: Starkus, Martynas

“Silk road, or 10 000 kilometers with “Pagieža” is the first book by Martynas Starkus. It is a book about his trip’s recollections, though at first he was not planning on writing it. Everything started as simple notes during the trip down the Silk Road but over time Martynas started writing his experiences on the internet. Finally, with a push from his friends he brought himself to write the book. Author admits being lazy about the book and writing it but now that it has been released he rejoices and thanks his friends for the push.


Kerintis Iranas (An Enchanting Iran)

Author: (Lietuvių) Matulionytė, Rita

Doctor of law, Rita Matulionytė in her book “An Enchanting Iran” shares her experiences in this mysterious country. The author introduces readers to the wonderful Iranian nature, culture, and their everyday life. The book is not only full of interesting stories, but also information that is helpful for traveling to the enchanting Iran. The book also gives readers a chance to get acquainted with the history of Iran, moreover to look at the cultural features. The book breaks long established stereotypes about this faraway country. This book is for those who don‘t know much about the country, but wants to learn more. The book is also full of colorful illustrations that convey a part of the country’s beauty. More

Ištremtas Tibetas (Tibet in Exile)

Author: Ivanauskaitė, Jurga

“Tibet in exile” reveals the essential features of the Tibetan culture, telling about Tibetan history, religion, and the current state of the nation, mixed with lively author’s personal experiences and observations.

In 1994 Jurga Ivanauskaitė went to India and studied Tibetan Buddhism in Dharamsala. When leaving she said she will not write ficion as incompatible with Buddhist practice. However, traveling impressions and a new spiritual experience allowed her to fall in love with Tibet. Jurga felt as if Tibet was created for her, and she for him. There she experienced a lot of excitement, mystical and very personal experiences. Learned many things about Tibet and its traditions: went to rituals, funerals, christenings, weddings . That is why she decided her travel experiences to describe in the book “Tibet in exile“. More

Per pietinę Indiją, nuo Kabulo iki Stambulo

Author: Poška, Antanas

Antano Poškos „Nuo Baltijos iki Bengalijos” aštuntas tomas užbaigia knygų seriją, kurios išleidimą buvo sumanęs pats autorius, kai sugrįžo iš kelionės po Europą, Afriką, Aziją ir 1939 metais išspausdino pirmąjį tomą. Deja, II pasaulinis karas ir jo sukeltos sumaištys sutrukdė išsipildyti legendinio XX amžiaus lietuvių keliautojo svajonei.  More

Asia without borders

Author: Mačiulevičius, Paulius

Pack your rucksack, quit your job, leave your family and friends for who knows how long and buy one way ticket to a place, you have never been to. Sounds hard isn‘t it? However, three travelers from Lithuania: journalist Paulius Mačiulevičius, photographer Berta Tilmantaitė and psychologist Andrius Jančiauskas proves that there are no limits and everything is possible. Three authors’ book “Asia without borders” retold seven month long trip through ten Asian countries. With the idea “The globe is friendly” travelers decide to meet such a chaotic and in the same time very colourful Asian culture. More

Laiškai iš Drakono kalnų

Author: Marčiulynas, Kęstutis (Bo Haeng)

Life in the monastery is always full of new discoveries. Not talking about the country which for some of us could look like a strange and unknown part of the world. Of course, it is also important to mark that the rules in the monastery seem to be even stricter than anywhere else.

One of the most important things is the fact that the book is not about boring everyday life what would just make it a diary. It is even more than anybody can expect. At first it is an interesting and breathtaking story influenced by simple everyday life as a newborn monk and secondary it an amazing lesson of Buddhism ideology and understanding of the world. Every part has its own deeper meaning.In conclusion I would like to say that a man in a path of Buddhist monk has gained a great knowledge which is shared in a simple and easy way. In the book cultural differences between Lithuania and Korea is also unwrapped and displayed in the simplest way as possible by letting the reader to understand it fasters without putting too much efforts.This book is really worth to read if you ever found yourself interested in East Asian and religions all over the world and have never lost that curiosity. More

Japanese Myths and Legends

It is widely known that one of the most complicated religious system is the Japanese one, while their mythology is also considered to be one of the most various mythologies in the world.

As it is said in the prologue of “Japanese Myths and Legends”, in Japan like in no other country myths are still vivid and real nowadays, because the polytheistic system of religions of the Japanese nation is based on them. This, as well as the origin of the religion, the classification of gods and deities and even the impact of the mythology to the modern structure of society, is revealed in the book. However, this book is not a simple collection of myths and their variations, because it reveals not only the pantheon of gods, but also the influence of Buddhism to the local religions as well as its dynamics and importance to the creation of the hierarchy system of the society when the origins of the aristocratic kin and families is explained. Moreover, the book is based on such ancient written sources of Japan as “Kojiki” (古事記), „Fudoki“ (風土記), „Nihon Ryōiki“ (日本霊異記) and more. More

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