Asian studies in Lithuania

Dancing Sushi or Gaijin Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

Authors: Rasa, Žalynaitė
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2008
Publisher: Kronta

The teacher Rasa Zalynaite never in her entire life dreamed about going to Japan, but she says: “The irony of fortune: all my “never to do things” became the main things I did in my life”. After a long time of hesitates and her friend advices she participate in a competition where the price was the opportunity to study in Japan. Only after announcement that she won the competition she realised her life will go into the melting-pot, but she didn’t want to refuse this opportunity. Even …she didn’t know the language or much about the country she flew to Japan and spend one and the half year there. In „Dancing Sushi or Gaijin life in The Land of the Rising Sun” she wrote her experience of Japan.

There are not many of historical facts or tourist routes in this diary-styled book. The author tells about her various adventures in the university, in the streets of Japan and even in night clubs. Also the author shares her conversations with people she met in Japan and also bout is one Lithuanian girl story. The author sees Japan as the “gaijin” (Eng. Foreigner) and the book is the subjective opinion of the Japanese education system, children rising, traditions and social issues. The book has colorful pictures of various places in Japan and also Lithuanian and English proverbs. In few themes of the book there are the author experiences during vacations in China, Cambodia and Thailand in which author narrates about the status of woman’s and life in those countries with no glamour. This book is easy to read and great to learn about the life of a foreigner in Japan and also familiarize with few other Asia countries.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU