Asian studies in Lithuania

Nuo Nemuno iki Fudzijamos: iš Lietuvos-Japonijos kultūros ryšių istorijos

Authors: Neimantas, Romualdas
Published in: Kaunas
Published on: 1992
Publisher: Orientas

This book author ​introduces us with Lithuania ­ Japan culture communication’s history, the most important sources and extensive bibliography. In the beginning is mentioned Nichonbashi bridge, it’s importance to Japan: ‘All roads lead to Nichonbashi’. This is the first original attempt to present Lithuania -­Japan culture communication’s history facts. One of the most important thing that disturbed communication was Japan isolation from the world and the Iron Curtain which …segregated Lithuania not only from the West but from the East too​. Author ​introduces with the beginning of Lithuania -­Japan connection.

Presenting  with Lithuanian’s travellers’, missionaries’, scientists’ written various books about Japanese culture. At the end of the book you will find illustrations that give different colors for this book. Interesting travelers’, missionaries’ stories are told in easy read language. The formal text is also supplemented by real­life stories.

This book is written in 1992, book format is exclusively ​simple. It is a little book. On the cover you can see a red Japanese lantern and in it’s middle it is written a dark toned kanji.

Romualdas Neimantas is Eastern culture’s researcher, member of the ​Lithuanian Scientific Society​, cultural historian, orientalist, doctor of historical sciences. He has written many books about the East. Within a few decades he built up a large books’ collection of Asian and African themes. He was able to reach out to the whole world of Orientalists in the isolation of the Soviet years.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU