Asian studies in Lithuania
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The Missing File

Authors: Mišani, Dror
Translated by: Gudelytė, Kristina
Translated from: Hebrew
Published on: 2017

Dror Mishani (born in 1975) is an Israeli crime fiction writer. He was born in Holon – a city in the south from Tel Aviv. Now Dror Mishani lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and children and teaches the history of detective fiction in Tel Aviv University. “The Missing File” is the writer’s debut work published in 2011. It is the first novel in the series of three crime fictions about a police inspector Avraham Avraham. The author’s birthplace Holon is the main place of the novel. More

No god but God. The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam

Authors: Aslan, Reza
Translated by: Ardickas, Zigmantas
Translated from: English
Published on: 2017

Reza Aslan is an Iranian-American international writer, a scholar of religions, professor, commentator, host, Emmy nominated producer, and the author of three internationally best-selling books. One of those bestsellers is Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth published in 2015, in which the author introduces the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth in an elegantly way by explaining the time and birth of religion. As this author is internationally well known, there is no surprise that his work receives attention and in Lithuania. Jonas Mačiulis (2017) in his review of this book concludes his work with a question: would this author also describe the Islamic prophet Muhammad using similar methods as in the book of Jesus? More

The Statement

Authors: Hailji
Translated by: Šiaučiūnas-Kačinskas, Martynas
Translated from: Korean
Published on: 2016

The main character of a novel together with his wife comes to the seaside town to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. ( in the novel the name of the town is not mentioned, but for the character it is very well known and nostalgic.) At night, the man is suddenly  arrested by the police and taken to an unknown place to testify for a professedly committing a murder. A novel begins in an oppressive and stress-filled room. A bright light pointing in his face, handcuffed hands and the only … More

The Golden Son

Authors: Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
Translated by: Žalytė-Steiblienė, Danguolė
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

Plot of the book takes place in nowadays India and tells the story about two juveniles. Anill and Leena, both born in little village in India, were best friends in their childhood years. Sadly, when they became teenagers they had been separated by their social differences and by different destinies which are planned for them. Anil is from one of the most families in his rural area, he has and opportunity to study in the United States and become a wealthy doctor. Later on he must inherit the … More

A Woman in Jerusalem

Authors: Yehoshua, Abraham B.
Translated by: Gudelytė, Kristina
Translated from: Hebrew
Published on: 2016

Abraham B. Yehoshua (born in 1936) – he is one of the most prominent Jerusalems writers. His novel “A Woman in Jerusaem” is written about forty years old woman who was killed in a market place during terrorist attack and a man who is working in one of the most popular Jarusalems bakery as human resources management division. He got a task to take a good care of now dead woman’s body. This novel is divided into three parts: ,,The manager”, ,,The Mission” and ,,The Journey”. More

Six Suspects

Authors: Swarup, Vikas
Translated by: Rosenaitė, Ina
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

The author, Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup is best known for his famous book and its  screening, which in 2009 won seven Oscars. However, after that followed the second book, which is just as attention worthy as the first one, the detective ,,Six Suspects“.

This book tells a story about the murder case of Vicky Rai and a search of a killer. Vicky Rai is the son of a corrupt More

The Japanese Art of Tidying Up Practically

Authors: Shufu To Seikatsu Sha
Translated by: Geležauskas, Andrius
Translated from: Japanese
Published on: 2016

The book describes houses of eight tidying up experts whose home are different size and number of family members. Each expert has come up with their own techniques that help to maintain a clean environment, save space and find things easily. The book has plenty of advice on how many things need to be stored, what interior parts you should buy and how to install stylish rooms. This art of tidying up reflects a harmonious environment that helps a person to relax and feel joy. More

Pinball 1973

Authors: Murakami, Haruki
Translated by: Čepulionytė, Gabija
Translated from: Japanese
Published on: 2016

Haruki Murakami (1949 01 12) – the writer whose creations became bestsellers not only in Japan but in the whole world. His books were translated in 50 languages, and over 1mln copies were sold. The master of mysteries gained lots of prestige prizes and nominations.

H. Murakami wrote “Pinball, 1973” as his first More

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up. The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising

Authors: Kondo, Marie
Translated by: Černiauskaitė, Lina
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

Marie Kondo is an organisational consultant and author. Ever since she was little Marie was interested in categorising and organising things. Now she consults people and organizations in how to adequately tidy up a work place or home and then how to keep it that way. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up” is the collected knowledge and experience of the author and is filled with practical advice and new perspectives.


Royal tiger fur cape

Translated by: Bylienė, Regina
Translated from: (Lietuvių) kinų
Published on: 2016

„Royal tiger fur cape“ is an old Chinese folktale which was written by Jian Ling Ling and Wang Jing Yang. Regina Bylienė translated it to Lithuanian. The book is written in two languages, Chinese – Lithuanian and because of that it is a great language learning tool. Also the drawings are worth my mention. Unfortunately, the book is not available in English yet.

Plot of the story is quite simple and the Chinese folk is everywhere. There was a poor family and mother gave a birth to a kid who grew up bigger than his father in half a day. The kid, who was named Kunan understood that his family won‘t be able to take care of him, so he decided to leave home. Kunan met khan and he gave kid a quest – to bring back him a dead royal tiger. Khan was obsessed with the idea of having a cape made of royal tiger fur. More

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