Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: Japanese
Translated from: Japanese
Authors: Tanaka, Senyū
Translated by: Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė, Kristina
ISBN: 978-609-8187-02-1
Published in: Kaunas
Published on: 2016
Publisher: Taurapolis

In this book you will find easy to follow The Japanese tea ceremony also called the Way of Tea , which you can perform both at home and in a special place called the Tea room. Clearly written links to every move will help you easily understand tea ceremony’s meaning, artistic value and make your meeting with friends different.

In the first chapter of this book, you will be introduced to the Way of Tea and main used dishes, later on you will be able to learn about etiquette and secrets of this ceremony. So first of all, when you will start this book you will be introduced to The Japnanese tea ceremony and just then, when later in the book you will start to learn about the real Way of Tea.

A reader will easily understand the process of this Japanese art because in this book you get not only easy to follow steps by steps but you also get illustrations, which is a big help for beginners. In the middle of this book you will get to see a couple of photos from the Way of Tea, surroundings, sweets and used dishes. These photos help readers to experience the real Japanese tea ceremony, which is performed thousands of kilometres away in the East.

Already mentioned book\\\’s illustrations help beginners to learn this art step by step and to see original tea ceremony because all of the photos are taken in a real Japanese tea ceremony. The author also mentioned in th book that it doesn\\\’t matter where or when is this tea ceremony performed, the important thing is to bring guests\\\’ positive emotions and make them relaxed. Also, you don\\\’t need all of the dishes that are usually mentioned in a media, this book is a great opportunity to get to know which are very important and which ones are not. By the way, it is an awesome opportunity to learn about this Japanese traditional art through The Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony\\\’s head and to understand another culture.

Senyū Tanaka- The Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony head. Was born in Tokyo, started to learn about The Way of Tea, when she was only three years old, after graduation form university she continued to master  The Way of Tea, worked as a flower arrangement assistant, gained museum worker\\\’s qualification. Publishes monthly magazine where you can find information about tea ceremony events, also, publishes books about it.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU