Asian studies in Lithuania
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A Tale for the Time Being

Authors: Ozeki, Ruth
Translated by: Chijenienė, Nijolė Regina
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016


Kamikaze submarine

Authors: Harrington, Joseph D., Yokota, Yutaka
Translated by: Stanaitytė-Karsokienė, Aušra
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

Yutaka Yokota (born in 1926) – is someone who survived incredible Japanese imperial navy experiment which is turning people into live torpedoes. ,,Kamikaze submarine” is about a historical witness Yutaka Yokota who became a Kaiten pilot. Kaiten is a torpedo, which is piloted by a live person so every kaiten pilot came in peace with the idea of dying. This book is about kaiten pilots everyday life, their preparations  and wish to give up their lives for Japan.


Japanese Tea Ceremony for Beginners

Authors: Tanaka, Senyū
Translated by: Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė, Kristina
Translated from: Japanese
Published on: 2016

In this book you will find easy to follow The Japanese tea ceremony also called the Way of Tea , which you can perform both at home and in a special place called the Tea room. Clearly written links to every move will help you easily understand tea ceremony’s meaning, artistic value and make your meeting with friends different.

In the first chapter of this book, you will be introduced to the Way of Tea and main used dishes, later on you will be able to learn about etiquette and secrets of this ceremony. So first of all, when you will start this book you will be introduced to The Japnanese tea ceremony and just then, when later in the book you will start to learn about the real Way of Tea. More

The Flea Palace

Authors: Shafk, Elif
Translated by: Pulokas Gediminas
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

“The Flea Palace” is a comical novel about the daily lives of neighbors in an apartment complex.

The Bonbon Palace is an apartment building built on a burial ground in the centre of Istanbul. Ten different families and their stories are hidden inside the Bonbon palace. Some of the main figures of the story are twins hairstylists, Madam Auntie, a student Saidar and his dog named Gaba, grandpa Haji Haji and his relatives, as well as a nameless teller of the story which not only reveals his personal story but also talks about the details of his neighbors’ lives. The author of the More

The Valley of Amazement

Authors: Tan, Amy
Translated by: Karsokienė, Aušra
Translated from: English
Published on: 2015

Spanning fifty years and two continents, The Valley of Amazement is a tale of three women, connected by personal rebellion, betrayal, and a mysterious painting called “The Valley of Amazement.” The story opens in 1905, in a first-class courtesan house in Shanghai, Hidden Jade Path, run by Lucia, a willful and wild American woman who was once herself the proprietress of Shanghai’s most exclusive courtesan house, nurses her own secret wounds, which she first sustained when, as a teenager, she fell in love with a Chinese painter and followed him from San Francisco to Shanghai.Her search for penance and redemption will bring her to a startling reunion with Flora, Violet\’s daughter, and will shatter all that Violet believed she knew about her mother. More

A Fine Balance

Authors: Mistry, Rohinton
Translated by: Žalytė, Danguolė
Translated from: English
Published on: 2015

Mumbai India 1975, a country declared a State of Emergency. A country surrounded by such circumstances lead four different peoples destinies to collide. A middle aged widow , two tailors and a student from Himalayas. All of them have experienced cruelty and injustice of this world, however by trying to create brighter and independent future for themselves, they all ended up under one roof of a small flat. This coincidence  became the biggest happiness for all four souls, however  the fate … More

The Wren

Authors: Güntekin, Reşat Nuri
Translated by: Kobeckaitė, Halina
Translated from: (Lietuvių) turkų
Published on: 2015, 2009

“The Wren” is a novel about a young girl Feride living in the early twentieth century Turkey. She gets the nickname “The Wren” for her vivacity and mischief. When she grows up she falls in love with Kamran- intelligent and responsible boy. But unfortunately she finds out that he has cheated on her and Feride decides to run away from home. She goes to a small village where she teaches children. In the village she experiences what is poverty and misery. Feride tries to help her students, even decides to adopt a little girl. When Feride finally feels happy she is unexpectedly sent to a different place due to bad intentions around her. Later she has to move from town to town several times again. More

The Satanic Verses

Authors: Rushdie, Salman
Translated by: Žalytė, Danguolė
Translated from: English
Published on: 2015, 2002

Sensational novel, closing the Indian Muslim community, for the desecration of Islamic, Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran published a fatwa – a death sentence to the writer on the radio – this is what you can see in the Google search box after entering “Satanic Verses”. After reading this kind of article curiosity overcomes, the reader grabs the novel not even making a glance at the back of the book to check the description, they read the first page the ruminative gaze begins, after twenty pages they get to hundred trying to understand what his fantasy had to generate, but no understanding comes to mind, but this sense coms not in vain. This happens due to a simple reason, the person reading this novel perhaps is the westerner (you may ask, why westerner? Because in Islamic world this book is prohibited), many things he does not understand is because he has shortfall of information, because everything in the novel has a religious context, starting from the Islamic religion and ending with Veda teaching. When reading this kind of a book one should find put more about great religions, because it is a major “spice” – a religious context. More

The Autist and the Carrier-pigeon

Authors: Al Galidi, Rodaan
Translated by: Avižienė, Birutė
Translated from: Dutch
Published on: 2015

The events in this novel surround a boy who is diagnosed with autism. The book is not difficult to read, it is simply presented by the author, creating a nice flow of an everyday life. It is easy to emphasize with the story because of the short chapters. Although, if we focus on the main protagonist’s inner world, we might misunderstand him, but plenty of other characters help the reader to feel him better.

The novel from the very beginning starts with a different protagonist Geert life story. The boy was born in an unusual way and once he got older, his unmarried mother Janine realized how different he is from other kids.

Geert spent most of his time in the antique store where his mother worked as a seller. It was a special place for Geert, where he could stop over-thinking and calm his genius mind. His curiosity brought him to the store every night wanting to explore all the different devices, instruments and the luminous and melodic machine world. The store had not only devices but also various post cards, shoes, clothes, teapots, citrus juicers – everything that their past owners did not need any longer and Geert was there to befriend every single one of them. More

Taj. A Story of Mughal India

Authors: Murari, Timeri N.
Translated by: Žalytė-Steiblienė, Danguolė
Translated from: English
Published on: 2015

The first time they meet is in the palace, during Meena Bazaar (a market held for fun in the Great Mughal’s palace during New Year’s festival). They fell in love the moment their eyes met, but they couldn’t be together just yet. 5 years passed from the day they first met to their wedding day. Although they’d only met a few times during those years, their love has never faded away. When they could finally be together, their love only grew bigger. More

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