Asian studies in Lithuania
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Bhagavad Gita

Authors: Veda Vyasa
Translated by: Vydunas
Translated from: German and English
Published on: 1947

There are numerous opinions about the origins of written Vedas. One of the most popular suggests that  it was Veda Vyasa who was first to write Vedas down. Until then, Vedas were passed through generations by oral reception. After finishing his work (4 Vedas), Veda-Vyasa was not fully satisfied and felt there is a lack in his work. As a result he then wrote Puranas – historical narrations, main of which is Mahabharata. Puranas were meant for less intelligent class of society. Bhagavad-Gita … More


Authors: Kenjiro Tokutomi (Roka Tokutomi)
Translated by: Paulauskas, Stasys

Novel “Nami-ko” by Kenjiro Tokutomi is a love story about Nami-ko Kataoka and Takeo Kawashima. The book starts with a scene, where a young wife is waiting for her husband coming back from work. While telling about the life of this young family, the writer mentions Nami-ko’s family as well: her father, the general of samurai, her mother who is unfortunately dead, her step mother, who was able to study in London, also her brothers and sisters. Later on, the author writes about Takeo … More

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