Asian studies in Lithuania
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Mr. Mani

Authors: B. Yehoshua, Abraham
Translated by: Gudelytė, Kristina
Translated from: Hebrew
Published on: 2018

“Mr. Mani” is a novel about six generations of Mani family. The action takes place from the middle of 18th century until the end of 20th century. However, the timeline of events is not chronologically consistent. The author Abraham B. Yehoshua not only talks about the historical events of that time, but also reveals the inside world of a person who has appeared in the middle of political disagreements, repressions and cruelty. More

The Missing File

Authors: Mišani, Dror
Translated by: Gudelytė, Kristina
Translated from: Hebrew
Published on: 2017

Dror Mishani (born in 1975) is an Israeli crime fiction writer. He was born in Holon – a city in the south from Tel Aviv. Now Dror Mishani lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and children and teaches the history of detective fiction in Tel Aviv University. “The Missing File” is the writer’s debut work published in 2011. It is the first novel in the series of three crime fictions about a police inspector Avraham Avraham. The author’s birthplace Holon is the main place of the novel. More

The Architect’s Apprentice

Authors: Shafak, Elif
Translated by: Žalytė-Steiblienė, Danguolė
Translated from: English
Published on: 2017

Elif Shafak is titled as one of the most famous and prominent writers in Turkey. The author of the book “The Architect’s apprentice” explicitly and vividly describes various places, scents and people of Turkey and India. The book also mentions life experiences and hardships of the main characters. All of this helps to delve into the ages of 16th century’s Ottoman Empire. According to the author, the idea of ​​the book started developing quite spontaneously: whilst driving through More

Rumi’s Little Book of Life: The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit

Authors: Rumi, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad
Translated by: Ališanka, Eugenijus
Translated from: English
Published on: 2017

Poet of the Middle Ages, the Sufi mystic of Rumi (1207-1273) is one of the most popular poets in the Western world. There is nothing new that the name of Rumi in Lithuania was heard at least for those who were interested in Oriental culture and poetry, but his work is still a little known. Therefore, it’s urgent to introduce a poetry book: Rumi’s little book of life: The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit – to collect translations from various works of Rumi and to allow the More

A Woman in Jerusalem

Authors: Abraham B. Yehoshua
Translated by: Gudelytė, Kristina
Translated from: Hebrew
Published on: 2016

Abraham B. Yehoshua (born in 1936) – he is one of the most prominent Jerusalems writers. His novel “A Woman in Jerusaem” is written about forty years old woman who was killed in a market place during terrorist attack and a man who is working in one of the most popular Jarusalems bakery as human resources management division. He got a task to take a good care of now dead woman’s body. This novel is divided into three parts: ,,The manager”, ,,The Mission” and ,,The Journey”. More

The Flea Palace

Authors: Shafk, Elif
Translated by: Pulokas Gediminas
Translated from: English
Published on: 2016

“The Flea Palace” is a comical novel about the daily lives of neighbors in an apartment complex.

The Bonbon Palace is an apartment building built on a burial ground in the centre of Istanbul. Ten different families and their stories are hidden inside the Bonbon palace. Some of the main figures of the story are twins hairstylists, Madam Auntie, a student Saidar and his dog named Gaba, grandpa Haji Haji and his relatives, as well as a nameless teller of the story which not only reveals his personal story but also talks about the details of his neighbors’ lives. The author of the More

The Autist and the Carrier-pigeon

Authors: Rodaan Al Galidi
Translated by: Avižienė, Birutė
Translated from: Dutch
Published on: 2015

The events in this novel surround a boy who is diagnosed with autism. The book is not difficult to read, it is simply presented by the author, creating a nice flow of an everyday life. It is easy to emphasize with the story because of the short chapters. Although, if we focus on the main protagonist’s inner world, we might misunderstand him, but plenty of other characters help the reader to feel him better.

The novel from the very beginning starts with a different protagonist Geert life story. The boy was born in an unusual way and once he got older, his unmarried mother Janine realized how different he is from other kids.

Geert spent most of his time in the antique store where his mother worked as a seller. It was a special place for Geert, where he could stop over-thinking and calm his genius mind. His curiosity brought him to the store every night wanting to explore all the different devices, instruments and the luminous and melodic machine world. The store had not only devices but also various post cards, shoes, clothes, teapots, citrus juicers – everything that their past owners did not need any longer and Geert was there to befriend every single one of them. More

The Wren

Authors: Reşat Nuri Güntekin
Translated by: Kobeckaitė, Halina
Translated from: (Lietuvių) turkų
Published on: 2015, 2009

“The Wren” is a novel about a young girl Feride living in the early twentieth century Turkey. She gets the nickname “The Wren” for her vivacity and mischief. When she grows up she falls in love with Kamran- intelligent and responsible boy. But unfortunately she finds out that he has cheated on her and Feride decides to run away from home. She goes to a small village where she teaches children. In the village she experiences what is poverty and misery. Feride tries to help her students, even decides to adopt a little girl. When Feride finally feels happy she is unexpectedly sent to a different place due to bad intentions around her. Later she has to move from town to town several times again. More

Travels With Myself

Authors: Shah, Tahir
Translated by: Drazdauskaitė, Rasa
Translated from: English
Published on: 2015

“Travels With Myself“ –  the book, which contains the most wonderful and colorful travel stories, written over almost twenty years:  impressions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and many other parts of the world, jungle, desert, small towns and mega-cities. Stories in this book are like stones collected on the beach. They are various forms, placed in random order and  written in different style, brought back from all over the world.



Authors: Orhan Pamuk
Translated by: Pilkauskaitė-Kariniauskienė, Justina
Translated from: Turkish
Published on: 2014

The epicenter of this novel is three-day period incidents of small town Kars in Turkey which is cut off from the world of unremitting snow and military coup. The poet Ka after 12 years in political exile in Frankfurt comes there to  write an article about the municipal elections and investigate a succesion of suicides by young woman in the city. In this book we can seperate two stories that share widely all the accidents, main character feelings. Beside this book has got a lot of secrets and … More

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