Asian studies in Lithuania
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Chinese Wisdom About Happiness, Health and Love

This book would be handy to anyone because it explicitly explores a millennia of Chinese expertise in finding harmony between the body and the soul, the secret foundations to wellness, happiness and love. It requires to take into account the cycles of time and the provisions of one’s sex life, and most importantly, being in harmony with nature and the universe.

Chinese philosophy does not hide any ideas or abstract truths. Their philosophy is the ability to act duly at any moment, More

Kuran about… belief and peoples relationship

Author: Račius, Egdūnas

This book gives a detailed  description of the sections of Kuran, which billions of people in the world are currently interested in. Among them are Lithuanians, who have been becoming more and more relevant to the topic due to migration and other demographic processes. The book is intended for understanding the purpose, structure and language of Kuran. The content of the book is based on two spheres – the field of faith and rituals, and the field of social issues. The More

Spaces of Imagination: Traditional Chinese Aesthetics and Art

Author: Andrijauskas, Antanas

The book “Spaces of Imagination: Traditional Chinese Aesthetics and Art” which is written by Lithuanian philosopher, cultural historian, art critic, civilization theorist Antanas Andrijauskas aims to introduce a reader to the history, philosophy and problems of Chinese art. Also, it presents the history, the development and the context of Chinese art and aesthetics. In this book much attention is paid to Chinese poetry, calligraphy, landscape painting. The concepts of art, artwork, their More

The Clash Between Chine, India and Russia in Eurasia’s Civilizational Spaces

Author: Andrijauskas, Konstantinas

In this book there is complexly described about three Eurasian greatest countries – China’s, India’s and Russia’s – regional level in foreign and inside policy. This book let’s us talk about a geopolitically exclusive strategic triangle which has influence in a two-way mutual relationship and global policy. The order of these three greatest Eurasia’s countries is not random, because China, India and Russia during the researching period of time (In the past sixteen years of 21st More

Palestine: Freedom is Very Beautiful

Author: Steikūnaitė, Giedrė

Giedrė Steikūnaitė is a journalist writing about cultural and social aspects of human experience both in English and Lithuanian languages. In Lithuania she co-operates with journals “Moteris”, IQ. Inteligent Life”, news portal “” and other. She was born and raised in the capital of Lithuania. She studied journalism and contemporary history in London University. Author traveled a lot, during which she prepared reportages from Asia, Latin America and Europe. During two- More

Pratjekabuddha, Tales from the East

Author: Krėvė-Mickevičius, Vincas

“Pratjekabuddha” and “Tales from the East” are a set of oriental stories written by Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius. These oriental stories are mainly about the life of a person who experiences a very deep sleep, death and awakening. The book shows us a person who, in the face of death, becomes closer to the true spiritual perfection and consciousness of the mind. This philosophical book is based on a few basic ideas of romanticism: human rebellion against the world, the power More

Lead by Soft Power: Communication of Country’s Image and Japan

Author: Zykas, Aurelijus

It seems that Nietzsche was right saying that “All things are enlinked, enlaced and enamoured”. Dr. Aurelijus Zykas, the professor of Vytautas Magnus University and the head of the Centre for Asian Studies during the Vilnius Book Fair 2018 introduced his new monograph Lead by Soft Power: Communication of Country’s Image and Japan. Precisely in this, his already second published book, A. Zykas, while using his own and referring to works and researches of other sociologists, More

The Trip to Shambala

Author: Ivanauskaitė, Jurga

„If you ask me, what inspired me the most from various impressions or conclusions,without doubt i would answer that: SAMBAL“ – with this quote, which  Nicolah Roerich wrote in his diary after the trip around Himalayas, the author started her book „The trip to Sambal“. This is the second part of trilogy „Tibetan Mandala“, which could be the preface of budism for every person.


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