Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: English
Translated from: English
Authors: Shah, Tahir
Translated by: Drazdauskienė, Rasa
ISBN: 978-9986-16-847-8
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 2011
Publisher: Tylo alba

The book begins very vividly talking about his trip to Morocco, and the non-recognition of indigenous people as real Moroccans, who married a local woman. Were ready for the idea of ​​torture. This is a special word, who can express not only in some areas, construction and life in the beginning of a site that the writer continues, as we remember his life and learning to re-live in another culture.

“Thousand and One Nights in the country”, author of the book is people who have retained the old oral tradition, storytellers. Tales and stories – a source of wisdom; they are educated from an early age children, adults They follow each other a variety of life situations. Told all life on the market and Tahir Shah’s father, Like son transferred the baton intelligent love stories. Every human heart lies a tale, heard Tahir Shah.

Tahir Shah (1966 g ..) – London noble Afghan family born travel writer, journalist, documentary filmmaker, with his family since 2003. living in Morocco. Lithuanian language in 2009, his book was a “Caliph Palace: Year in Casablanca”; for some it has become a reason to discover Morocco, the other – an amazing journey to the already familiar edge.

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