Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: Korean
Translated from: Russian
Authors: Chan Ser Ja
Translated by: V. Gustainis
Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 1960
Publisher: Valstybinė grožinės literatūros leidykla

In the novel ‘’Nightfalls’’ action takes place in the XX century’s Korea, which is occupied by Japan. The stor evolves around two main characters – young and poor girl Je Sun and the son of a rich family Ken Dja, who is full of rebellious ideas against invader Japan and the victory of proletariate. After parents death Je Sun and her brother was raised by their relative, who was not a very good person. Je Sun decided to go study into Seoul’s gymnasium when she graduated from her school but her brother decided to stay in the village and they still keeps in touch. Je Sun lived with Ken Dja’s fathers Kim Dja Tan’s family in their home and earned money tutoring family’s youngest children.

Ken Dja helped Je Sun to find a job, because she could not find it after graduating gymnasium. With his help she started to work in his fiance’s father’s company. They started to build a deeper friendship but his fiance’s father An Zun Seb saw that and told his daughter to keep an eye on her fiance because he can start having an affair behind her back. An Zun Seb did not liked their friendship because he wanted to have Je Sun as a lover and saw Ken Dja as his rival. Ken Dja did not loved his fiance and had a crush on Je Sun. He told his father that he does not want to marry his fiance but did not got anything from it because marriage with her would be useful to his family. After some time from Je Sun he started to like his fiance again and thought that marriage with her was not such a bad idea. Ken Dja turned away from his ideals and had a clash with Je Sun. In the meantime, Je Sun’s position changed from secretory in An Zun Seb’s company to weaver.

Later he wanted to promote her to foreman but she sensed somekind of his evil intentions and refused. In the end of the book it seemed that Je Sun and Ken Dja exchanged their characters – Ken Dja accepted his life as it is like Je Sun did and she became one of the rebels but that time was not generous to them.

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