Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: Chinese
Translated from: Russian
Authors: Ai Mindzi
Translated by: Levinskas, Edvardas
Full translated source bibliographical description:

Ai Mingzhi. Hushi riji. Zhongguo Dalu, 1957

Published in: Vilnius
Published on: 1961
Publisher: Valstybinė grožinės literatūros leidykla

In the novel „The nurse“ are talking about the girl Dzian Suchua who  is graduated from the nurse studies in the  Shanghai and are going to work to the north of the China. At the time  when all nurses are getting work assignements from  all over the China,the girl didn‘t afraid that she will have to work somewhere far away from home but she afraided that she will have to go without her bestfriend Tan Siaofana‘s. At the time when was Suchua‘s time to get knews about her work …assignement, at the principal‘s office were the man named Gao who were asking for people to work at the north. Dzian Suchua said that she and her bestfriend Siaofana could work there and the principal named Line agreed with that. Girl‘s boyfriend doctor Chaozhu didn‘t agree with her plans to go so far. He even asked hospital‘s government to let Suchua work at Shanghai. However,the girl didn‘t like the idea of staying at her homeland,she wanted to work somewhere else. Also Chaozhu tried to ask Suchua‘s mother that she would try to persuade her only one and beloved daughter to stay. Before the leaving,mother hid the train ticket. The girl got so upset when she couldn‘t find anywhere her ticket. Mom couldn‘t handle seeing her daughter so sad and returned the ticket.She put it into her coat and  suggested Suchua to check the coat. Finally, the girls went to the north of the China. Dzian Suchua and Tan Siaofana had to work at the construction area, main patients were builders. At the new working place the girls had to get use with the low weather temperature. Tan Siaofana were assigned to work with the doctor Ni Dekujus. The girl liked to work here,her and the doctor relations are very good. Later Tan Siaofana and Ni Dekujus started to date and eventually got married. Talking about Suchua,she had to work with the doctor Mo who is addicted to the card games and the nurse Chuejina. Firstly,Chuejina didn‘t like the girl but later relations between Suchua and Chuejina are getting better and better. Suchua proved that she is very hardworking and loves what she is doing,all patients quickly started to like her. Dzian Suchua and her boyfriend who is at Shanghai wrote letters to each other. In the letters Chaozhu complained about the girl‘s decision because he had plans to get marry with Suchua and she would rise the kids at home meanwhile he  would work at the hospital. However,there were just Chaozhu plans, he shared them  with the girl only when she said that she is leaving her homeland. Some time later the young man started to date with Suchua‘s classmate Ma Feisia. Ma Feisia is not good enough for  him that‘s why Chaozhu decided to visit Suchua at the north of the China. He felt that with Ma Feisia it‘s harder than it was with Suchua. Chaozhu thought that maybe he would be able to change her mind and the girl will come back with him to Shanghai. Eventually, when he came, Suchua noticed so many changes of her boyfriend. That kind of changes girl didn‘t like. The couple broke up, Chaozhu came back to Shanghai. After that Suchua got sick but she didn‘t give up and even so went to the building area and healed builders. However, when she climbed so high, she got dizzy and fell down. Suchua got some serious injuries but she was able to recover and wanted to  get back to work as soon as she can.  When Suchua‘s mom Zhene found out about the accident she came to the north of the China as fast as she could. Zhene said to the daughter that as soon as doctor Chaozhu got back to Shanghai he got married with Ma Feisia. The girl didn‘t feel bad of that kind of news. Every day chief of construction named Gao visited Suchua at the hospital. Since the first day when Suchua came to the north Gao liked the girl but the Suchua felt something back only when Gao had to leave this building area and go to the new one. At the end of the novel described how the last minute Suchua came to say goodbye for Gao and promised to visit him at his new working place.

Ai Mindzi – writer,communist were born in 1925 year at Shanghai. Future writer‘s family lived very poorly that‘s why Ai Mindzi worked since the childhood. He worked as a carrier, trainee at the shop and sometimes he was selling the newspappers at the streets. When Ai Mindzi was a teenager, he started to go to school. However, when the war started at 1941 the teenager had to quit school. Long time he roamed around his country ,later started to work as a teacher at high school. After that he worked as a editor at publishing office. While worked as an editor Ai Mindzi wrote his first literary masterpieces : the story „Twenty four hours at Shanghai“ ,the novel „The autumn at the town of the mist“, set of the stories „Famine“. Later he wrote the novel „The fight doesn‘t get weaker“ and set of the stories „The racing“. At 1957 Ai Mindzi wrote the novel „The nurse“. There are also a movie based on this book.

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