Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: Japanese
Translated from: Japanese
Authors: Murakami, Haruki
Translated by: Enciutė, Gabija
ISBN: 9786094793899
Published on: 2020
Publisher: Baltos lankos

Surviving a divorce with his wife, 36-year-old, unnamed the painter decides to escape to a secluded mountain lodge, where surrounded by beautiful nature, the artist has the time and space to rethink the most important events of his life and rediscover the path to creation. Still, life at the home of the famous nihonga artist Tomohik Amadai gives many riddles and engages the protagonist in a tricky puzzle in which he seeks an answer to both: the master of the house and discovered his work he had not made public.

In the novel ” Killing Commendatore”, Hakuri Murakami continues the journey of human transformation, that he must go through in order for a work of art to be born. As individual characters in the work, ideas and metaphors emerge that accompany the artist on a difficult quest.

This novel flows smoothly, it does not make sharp turns and does not make you cry out in surprise, instead it stumbles upon a calm rhythm, symbolism, ambiguous story about love, loneliness, experiences that become the artist’s source of inspiration.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU