Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: English
Translated from: English
Authors: Kwan, Kevin
Translated by: Karsbo, Ligita
ISBN: 9786094664588
Published on: 2020
Publisher: Tyto Alba

Nicholas Young works as a lecturer at New York University, lives a quiet life and at first glance looks like a simple, intellectual New Yorker. This is how about him thinks and his colleague Rachel Chu, who spends time with him romantically. Still, the passive life that Nicholas developed in New York is not similar to the one he left in Singapore.

Reichell, who was invited to go to Nicholas best friend’s wedding, hoped to see a modest home and was most worried about how to behave, in case, not to offend her lover’s family by lack of her cultural knowledge. At that time, on the other end of the world, the news that Nicholas Young was returning home and taking a girlfriend together had been the hottest gossip for some time.

Nobody prepared Rachel for the mystery and challenges shining with gold, which she was doomed to as soon as she got her leg off the plane with …

… the son of one of Singapore’s most famous, scandalous and wealthiest families.

The image of her imaginary humble and simple Nicholas shatters when the everyday life shimmering with Asian diamonds shines before her eyes. All money-bought entertainment, elite parties, designer clothes, luxurious villas and private planes. Everything the heart desires is served on a plate and sprinkled with gold. Yet, at the heart of this gleaming bubble is conspiracy, deceit, and betrayal. Incredible wealth is ruled by clans and everyone is determined to cross boundaries in this fight.

How not to start questioning yourself and your worth when you meet a loved one’s mother who clearly doesn’t recognize you and already has a clear plan for who and how her son will marry Astrid, the goddess of Singapore’s social world family suffocation alone is discussed on all the front pages of Hong Kong magazines? Are you beautiful enough Does it matter what family you are from? How could you impress a man from such a world?

“Insanely Rich” with humor presents what lies behind the golden door of Singapore’s elite, which is open only to the elected.

Kevin Kwan is an author from Singapore who in 2018 was included in Time’s list of 100 most influential people. The satirical novel “Crazy rich Asians” begins a world-renowned trilogy about immersed Asians.T

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