Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: English
Translated from: English
Authors: Hosseini, Khaled
Translated by: Čeponis, Jonas
ISBN: 978-9955-13-111-3
Published in: Kaunas
Published on: 2007
Publisher: Jotema

The novel “The kite runner“ is one of those stories that intrudes into the heart and mind. This is a story about two boys who were like brothers in childhood , later turned different walks of life . This is the story of Amir and Hasan – „Kabul Sultans“ , who was so close , and then became very alienated . This is a story about two boys friendship , about loyalty and respect and forgiveness . Amir wealthy son of a merchant , and Amir Hasan servant working at home son . Their friendship continued until one fateful event that changed the lives of Amir and Hassan . Amir Hasan issued in the name of what he really wanted – his father\’s love. But the most understood that behaved unacceptably , he decides Hasan kicked out of the house with her father , that every day might not see it, because it felt remorse . Once your plan, Amir Hasan casts with his father out of the house and expects to feel better.

After a few years he and his father are forced to leave their own native land, and emigrated to America. There, his life would unfold as expected and he, with his father finally everything is good , life is mature, so in passing twenty- six years. One day, Amir receives a call, after which everything is turned upside down, the past catches up with him, the feeling of guilt encourage Amir returns to his native Afghanistan. Traveled there and learned that he can redeem the guilt, which for so many years felt a little hesitantly prepared to Amir by what perhaps would never have done before. After learning the truth Amir aogautas and feel even more sad because they understand what you did twenty- six years.

The book is full of realistic and very real life events . Amir returned to their homeland , finds an unfamiliar country . Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban’s reign then completely changes the landscape of the country and the people themselves. The book bluntly revealed in poverty, which were so common at the time. The story about the lives of people who lived dramatically.

Khaled Hosseini – Afghan writer who lived and worked in America. Born on March 4th, 1965. Initially, work was only pastime, but then he ended their careers as doctoral and gave up writing full time. The writer has written three books , of which the best known and most popular is the “The kite runner” Book 101 weeks remained the top bestsellers. According to this story was also made ​​a film.

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