Asian studies in Lithuania
Original language: Japanese
Translated from: Japanese
Authors: Murakami, Haruki
Translated by: Čepulionytė, Gabija; Ignotienė, Jurgita
ISBN: 9786094791192
Published on: 2018
Publisher: Baltos lankos

“You can create a short story from the smallest detail – it’s like jazz improvisation, where the story takes me where it wants to go.”

Haruki Murakami’s mastery was revealed in a new light in which the details and small, almost visible strokes once again allowed the reader to stop, exhale and simply enjoy the masterpiece.

“The Blind Willow, a Sleeping Woman” is a collection of twenty-four stories written between 1980 and 2005. period. This work not only allows you to enjoy great literature, but also reveals how the writer’s tone changes over the years, what colors become brighter, and what fades. The collection generously expresses Murakami’s mastery of the writing form. From surrealism to everyday life, it demonstrates the ability to portray human experience in a variety of ways that can serve as instructive, compelling, or simply ridicule.

In the stories you will meet animated crows, a criminal monkey and an ice man. You will learn about the dreams that shape us. On a trip around the world and beyond, you will be in Italy, you will be exiled to Greece, you will rest in Hawaii. Still, during the journey a couple of times you will probably want to stop and get off this train when the feeling of loss, alienation and loneliness calves the pages of the book, but as with all Murakami works, the fingers themselves will eagerly turn the next page and the heart will seek an answer to the new riddle.

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese writer whose works have gained worldwide recognition, and he is considered one of the most famous representatives of modern literature.

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