Asian studies in Lithuania

Public lecture “Soft Power of Korea: Korean Wave Revisited”

Date and time: 2018-05-09 17:00 - 2018-052-09 18:30

Location: VU Azijos ir transkultūrinių studijų institutas, Universiteto g. 5, Vilnius

Prof. Hieyeon Keum from the University of Seoul (Department of International Relations) will deliver public lecture “Soft Power of Korea: Korean Wave Revisited”. Lecture will be held at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies, Hindi room.

Hallyu, or Korean Wave has been referred as the South Korea’s Soft Power Invasion, not only limited to Asia but also to the rest of the world. It is also a new phenomenon that Korea’s popular culture is widely welcomed and liked by the people of the world, especially by Korean culture encompassing everything from music, movies, TV dramas to online games and Korean cuisine and beauty. However, it is not just the short phenomena but a collective of various elements of government policy, enterprise marketing, attractive contents. Like President Obama said, Korean Wave made South Korea’s top priority by the government.

South Korea is one of the countries in the world that dedicated a goal to become the world’s leading exported of popular culture. It is a success story of South Korea to develop and enhance its image not through the hard power but through Soft Power. What are the secrets to the success of Korean Wave and why people in the world like K-Pop?

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