Asian studies in Lithuania

Date and time: 2017-07-15 19:00 - 2017-07-15 20:30

Location: 1-26 P. Kalpokas street, Kaunas

On July 15, the Wudang Tao East culture club invites you to a transcendental audio tour, during which gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls, shaman drum and other instruments will create an unforgettable experience. It is a new experience, capable of bringing more light, serenity and harmony into life. 

During the audio tour one lies on the ground and listens to the sounds of natural instruments. Harmonizing vibrations not only affect our eardrums, but also the whole body to the very cells, different sounds are felt in different parts of the body, eventually they overwhelm the entire body. Therapy also affects psychology, one can experience fascination, calmness, spiritual state, distant travels in imagination. Two different people can experience completely different experiences during the therapy.

Registration is required.
Price 10 euros.

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Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU