Asian studies in Lithuania

Open lectures about China

Date and time: 2018-02-27 12:15 - 2018-02-28 18:45

Location: Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, Kaunas

Time for Asia events start the spring semester with two open lectures about China. We are honored to present you Prof. Gao Fei from China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). He previously held positions of Director of Study Center of China Diplomacy, Director of Research Office of CFAU, Deputy Secretary General of China National Association for International Studies (CNAIS), and Fulbright Visiting Scholar in George Washington University. Currently Prof. Gao is working as Assistant President and Academic Dean of CFAU. During his academic career he has published numerous books, articles and papers on China’s diplomacy and foreign policy.

During the visit, Prof. Gao Fei will give two open lectures:

  • „Reform and Opening up: The Road of Rising China“ (February 27 from 12:15 at Donelaičio 52-322)
  • „China’s Foreign Policy: Peace, Development and Cooperation“ (February 28 from 17:15 at Putvinskio 23-106)

Both lectures are free and open to everyone.

“Time for Asia” is a cycle of events, organised by the Centre for Asian Studies and aimed to present contemporary issues and topics in the fields of Asian politics, society and economics.

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Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU