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Dalit Student Movement in India: from Identity Politics to Counter Culture Movement

Author: Kristina Garalytė
Institute: Vytautas Magnus University
Year of assertion: (Lietuvių) 2016

This dissertation investigates the burgeoning yet largely underexplored phenomenon of the Dalit, so-called ex-untouchable, student movement in India and its ideological and participatory complexity. The study is based on two stages of anthropological ethnographic fieldwork at the New Delhi and Hyderabad universities that witnessed intensified Dalit student mobilization in recent years. Following the ideas of the “framing” theory (Snow et al., 1986; Snow & Benford, 1988; Snow & Benford, 1992; Benford & Snow, 2000) the author have been tracing the ways the Dalit student mobilization is underwritten by “framing” and “frame alignment” processes – how the movement ideologically frames the worldview of its participants; on what resource base the Dalit student movement builds its ideological worldview and repertoire of contention; More

Construction of Identity in British ans Indian Cinema: a Postcolonial Approach

Author: Deimantas Valančiūnas
Institute: Vilnius university
Year of assertion: 2013

The object of the dissertation is British and Indian popular (commercial) cinema and the construction of identity there. The problem of identity construction in Indian and British films was researched employing three approaches found in the postcolonial theory: the critique of colonial discourse, anticolonial nationalism and the construction of national identity and the problematics of diasporic identity. The comparative analysis of the films from the two industries of the countries which were bounded by colonial relationships in the past let us see the complex ways of how identity is articulated in the postcolonial period. It also shows that the colonial memory is not merely a historical relict, but one of the ways to construct identity, which is always brought up and rethought in contemporary popular culture. More

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU