Asian studies in Lithuania

Japanese-Lithuanian Electronic Dictionary

Type: Žodynas
Language: Japanese

Composers: Zykas, Aurelijus

Published in: Kaunas
Published on: 2016

Japanese-Lithuanian electronic dictionary is the first exhaustive dictionary of these two languages meant to be learned for Lithuanians who are studying or frequently use Japanese, as well as Japanese, who are studying Lithuanian. The site is a great and convenient way to expand your vocabulary and to better understand the culture through translating various phrases.

This vocabulary can be used in any place because the site is easy to access either with a computer and tablet or smart phone, as well as any other electronic device which can open up Internet pages, such as smart television. Minimalistic site design helps to easily navigate and to load pages that much faster even if your Internet speed is slow. At the top is the search bar and at the bottom there is „daily proverb“, and, to the right hand corner you can find some trivia.

Dictionary is completely free. It contains around 70 thousand entries, from daily words to terms in various fields of science like biology, physics, medicine, culture, political sciences and many others. Vocabulary also has around 500 illustrations who help depict important cultural occurences with added explanations.

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU