Asian studies in Lithuania

Beginning of collection agglomeration: 1994
Oficial establishment: November, 2008
Administrating institution: Vytautas Magnus University Library

Address: Daukanto st. 52, Kaunas
E-mail: (Lietuvių)

Asian Books Space ( former Chiune Sugihara reading room) has a special status in the Vytautas Magnus university library, located at Vaclovas Biržiška reading room (Daukanto g. 52). Chiune Sugihara reading room situated in the Centre for Asian Studies of Vytautas Magnus University was established in November 2008 (the official opening ceremony took place in October 2009). It is one of eight reading rooms that belong to the central library of Vytautas Magnus University. One of the main aims for the establishment of this reading room is to provide students of East Asian study programs with necessary materials for their studies, as well as to expand literature funds regarding Asian countries in Kaunas.

Collection contexture:
Science books (in Japanese, English, Lithuanian and other languages): ~3000
Fiction books: ~1000
Academic and popular periodicals
Japanese, Korean and Chinese text books: ~300
Collection of articles: ~10 000
Collection of Japanese comics: ~700
Audio-visual materials (DVD, videotapes, CD)

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU