Asian studies in Lithuania

Oficial establishment: 2011 m. vasario 15d.
Administrating institution: Vilniaus universiteto biblioteka

Address: Universiteto g. 3 (V-VI aukštai)

Oriental Studies reading room is the biggest oriental library in Lithuania and Baltic countries. Scientific and educational literature collection of Asian languages, cultures, religions, philosophy, anthropology and the history of art is made up of over 10 thousand publications not only in the main Western European but also Japanese, Chinese, Sanskrit,  Hindi, Pali, Korean, Persian, Arabic, Tibetan, Mongolian, Thai, Punjabi and other Asian languages. One room is assigned to Alfredas Binderis (Switzerland) Orientalist collection made up from 4 thousand publications. It is one of the largest and most consistent Buddhist culture, philosophies, religions and art collections in Central and Eastern European universities.


Collection contexture:

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU